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Entry 2 ~ August 7, 2008
~ Really Trying

This past month has been an experience. As I have previously shared, I've never really "tried" to get pregnant before; it just happened for us. This month I've been a woman on a mission. It has been fun, and although I don't want this to stretch out for many months, it has definitely added some sport to the whole process. The husband has been baffled, but he's gone along willingly. After seven years of marriage, it's nice to break up the routine.

I haven't gone so far as to purchase ovulation kits, but with my complete lack of patience I'm sure that will be coming next month if there is no progress. The StorkNet ovulation/due date calendar states that I can take a pregnancy test as early as Tuesday next week (4 days away) to find out. Who knew I'd get so excited about peeing on a stick? I'm not really sure if the inexpensive tests are just as good as the pricey ones, but maybe I'll pick up one of each just in case. I'm not sure what my logic is on that, but I'll try it out.

Apart from that, my month has been fairly low-key. We're getting Jeffery ready for kindergarten and purchased school supplies last weekend. We're not as concerned with Owen going to preschool, as he has been with us to drop off and pick up Jeff from there for the past couple of years. He knows the building and the teachers, which is a tremendous comfort. I still think of him as a baby.

The past week has been a bit stressful. My husband's truck needed its yearly inspection (required by the state) and it failed. The mechanic said it needed quite a bit of work. Luckily, I found someone to do it for half the price, but when I had no idea that was coming a few days ago it's still highly unpleasant.

The other stressful item for the week involves a cat. It's been quite the saga. Sim and I are softies when it comes to animals. Well, at Sim's job at the warehouse some employees were unloading a refrigerated truck and discovered a cat that had stowed away in there. It had been trapped in this refrigerated (about 40 degrees) truck for several days without food or water, and somehow in the commotion it was hit by a forklift. Some of the employees who witnessed this retrieved the cat and set it aside with food and water in a box. Several people wanted her, but no one could take a cat that came with a hefty vet bill, so she was just left. When my husband saw no one was taking her, and she was clearly injured, he brought her home. He had no intention of keeping her; he just couldn't let her be left like that at a warehouse. I thought it would be a simple thing to get a vet to donate services for the poor cat, or even the warehouse to pitch in since it was by their error that it was harmed, but it is seems that no good deed goes unpunished. It has been four days now of trying to work something out. We ended up taking her to a vet to get patched up, and though she'll likely always have a limp she's doing great. It has been exhausting, but hopefully in the end she will be in a good home with a family that knows she was worth the effort. It is very disheartening though, when all you try to do is the right thing, and it seems that everyone else is saying it's not worth it.

Well, next week has got to be better than this one. I am very much looking forward to Tuesday with its pregnancy test. I'll be sure to update if there are any developments!

~ Stephanie

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