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Entry 3 ~ September 5, 2008
~ Frustration

Jeffery starting KindergartenIt has been a little bit of a tough month for me. A lot of really great things have happened--beginning kindergarten and preschool--but I find myself in a bit of a funk over the pregnancy issue.

When we decided to try for baby #2, I was expecting it to take longer than it did. I thought, maybe three months or so, and it ended up taking one singular effort. With trying for the third one, I figured it was so quick the first two times, maybe this time it could take one or two months. Considering this started in May (albeit late May) this is the fourth month and it has lost some of its charm. What happened to super-fertility? It just seems like such a stark difference from my other experiences. Again, I know I have nothing to complain about, four months isn't long. I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

I did take some pregnancy tests about a week ago, and two of the cheapie sticks had a very faint extra line on them. It was enough to make me wonder. So I went to CVS and bought a name-brand set to see what it would say, and they were negative. Then a couple of days later my period started, so definitely not this month. I was actually relieved that I could stop hoping for a little while. The hoping was tiring.

Owen starting preschoolGood things lately . . . Jeffery started kindergarten! He absolutely loves it, which makes me absolutely love it. He's made friends, likes his teacher, and has managed to NOT catch the stomach bug making its way through the other 5 year olds. Life is good. Also, Owen began preschool! He loves it too, and painted a picture for his brother on his first day. He gets so excited talking about school. It's really sweet to watch the two of them go through these big events together.

Not a lot else happening. My friend got a pool installed, which is very exciting for me but not so exciting to read about. My grandmother is flying (up? down? never really sure how that phrasing works) from Arizona to visit me for the next week. She gets here tomorrow and I am ecstatic. I've got a couple of the days off of work so we'll get some quality time together. She was a very big part of my life while I was growing up. Sim's birthday is while she's here. I'm not quite sure yet what we're doing for that, but I'm just happy to get to see her again.

I'd best get to sleep. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer with their families.

~ Stephanie

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