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Entry 5 ~ November 6, 2008
~ Positive!

The results are in . . . and yes, finally, I am pregnant! I am so very excited, and so very sick there are not words. This past month I purchased an ovulation kit, and apparently my timing has just been off, because that thing worked wonderfully. And it came with a pregnancy test included (the one that just says Pregnant or Not Pregnant, so people like me who can be a bit neurotic about possibly seeing lines can have one less nervous breakdown). Imagine my surprise when it was positive. I was giddy for about two days, and then the nausea started and hasn't let up. I am still happy though.

At this point I think I would be just barely 6 weeks, due somewhere around July 2nd. Today I've had a bit of a scare with some minor spotting, but I did that with both of my past pregnancies and everything turned out fine. There hasn't been any cramping, but it is still definitely enough to worry a person. I keep telling myself to stay positive, because stress doesn't help anything. For a natural worrier that doesn't come easily.

Jeffrey bowlingThis past month has been busy as usual. Jeffery turned 6 last week, and we had a bowling birthday party for him over the weekend. He had a great time. We also had his first parent teacher conference earlier this week and he's doing great! Apparently he could be doing a little better with following classroom rules, but it's nothing to be worried about. I feel really fortunate that we ended up with this kindergarten teacher.

Halloween was great; Jeffery was a devil (a rather sparkly one since I couldn't find a boy's devil costume) and Owen was a pumpkin (which he pronounces "pokin"). I took them around to a few houses and then we trick-or-treated at the nursing home nearby, which we do every year.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to the holidays, and I'm looking forward to updating with weekly entries from now on!

~ Stephanie

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