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Week 10
~ Oh Deer

I've started to feel a bit better. Not 100%, but so much better than it was with the constant nausea. I'm not going to bed as soon as I get home from work, which makes the rest of the family happy. Unfortunately, that means I'm starting to notice the mess that has been piling up around the house. My husband is a kind man, and a good cook, but a housekeeper he is not. Once he sets something down, it never moves. Dishes, wrappers, etc. It drives me insane.

The week was rather uneventful, but the weekend got a little rocky. Friday night Jeffery woke up at 11:45 and let me know he'd thrown up. This doesn't happen often. Both of my kids probably get stomach illnesses about once per year. Last year's was the worst; we refer to it as "the perfect storm." In the same night, Jeffery got the stomach flu (vomiting every 20 minutes for 12 hours), and our well pump broke. This meant that we couldn't wash or flush anything for two days. It was grizzly to say the least. So, naturally, when he let me know he'd gotten sick on Friday night I became very afraid. Luckily it just happened the one time, but he didn't feel quite like himself until Sunday.

Also on Friday night, Sim hit a deer with his truck on his way home from work. Sim is fine, and the truck is much better than it could've been. I'm a bit irritated with myself because the truck doesn't have comprehensive coverage on it, so we're responsible for the repairs. Insurance is my job, I should've known better. He drives home three days a week for 45 minutes at 3am. It was really just a matter of time. Luckily it shouldn't be too bad, but this close to Christmas every expense matters.

Sim took Saturday off from work and we all went to the circus. I hadn't done that since I was about 12. I was ridiculously excited. We ate cotton candy and popcorn, and watched the acrobats and elephants. The kids were fascinated. We did all agree we weren't fond of the part with the tigers. They didn't seem happy. But the rest of it was really great. With Sim working on the weekends, we don't often get to do things as a family. Saturday night we got a babysitter for a couple of hours and went on a date. It was lovely.

I'm looking forward to this time coming up. I want to enjoy this pregnancy. I'm looking forward to feeling even better, and being able to breathe a little easier once I'm past the 12th week. I guess I've been more worried this pregnancy since I've been so sick. I worry that it affects the baby.

Well, it's past my bedtime again, and I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays!

~ Stephanie

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