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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 13 & 14
~ Surprises

I am combining weeks since at my 13 week appointment my doctor moved my due date up two days, to July 2nd. That combined with the fact that I was writing these entries a couple days after that week ended, I figured I'd just put weeks 13 and 14 together to get things on track.

I absolutely love my new doctor so far. It's a man, and I was a bit iffy about that. I have never had a male OBGYN before, but it seemed like it was time I got over myself. I called their office, and they got me in for an appointment the next day. We went over my concerns about my previous doctor, and the pregnancy thus far. He was very attentive and had a dry sense of humor, which I enjoy. Sim went with me to the appointment because we thought we were having an ultrasound since I was 13 weeks and hadn't had the nuchal translucency test yet. This doctor said most of his patients do get that, and it is more accurate than the regular AFP test. So after an exam (I'm getting weary of the stirrups) we were sent off to have the test done. I had read up on this test and what it can and can't check for, and also at what point they can determine the gender from ultrasound. There were conflicting reports, so I really wasn't sure, as I've never had one at this point before. When we got to the room we met the doctor doing the ultrasound. I was really surprised, but at this place they have two doctors that do the ultrasounds with the techs. When we met I said I thought it was too early to determine the gender, but if he could tell, we'd like to know. He said he can almost always tell at this stage. I got my belly goopied up and the baby popped up on the screen and he said "I already know what you're having, but I need to get some measurements done first." I was completely floored. He said the baby looked great, measured 13 weeks, 5 days, and looked very healthy.

Now, let me say, I have desperately wanted a daughter forever. I love my sons dearly, and once I had some time to get used to the fact I was having a boy each time, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. But this is my last baby, and I REALLY wanted a girl, although I would love either one. So, he goes through everything and shows us a picture of some parts I still can't decipher, and said that we're having a girl! He said at this stage it's usually about 90% certain, but he had such good shots, it was more like 99%. He used the words "It's definitely a girl" so I'm choosing to believe it. I think I'll be more comfortable with the whole idea once I get the next ultrasound at 22 weeks. For now, I'm still positively giddy. I also got the blood work results back today and they said that "she" has about a 1 in 10,000 chance of having any of the things they tested for, most of which were long words I don't remember. But it was a really good result.

In other life happenings, we've resolved to start going to church. I have always had faith, and until I was 19 was very involved in my church. At that point I moved from Kansas to Virginia and it was hard to find anything that gave me the same feeling that my home church did. In retrospect, I was searching for something that didn't exist. The incident that finally lit enough of a fire under me to take action was on Sunday, our three year old referred to "Santa's workshop in the sky" and we knew it was time that we took that step and found a church. It's about time.

Next week is fairly low key, and the following week I go visit my cousin in Texas for five days. She has a eight week old little girl, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Until next week . . .
~ Stephanie

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