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Week 15
~ Tap Tap

There is movement! Well, I guess the baby's been moving around the whole time, but I can actually feel it a little now! It's still a bit early, so I want to question whether it actually is the baby, but it's definitely different than gas bubbles moving. There's more pressure, and it's usually just a light tapping. Definitely baby. I don't remember when I felt my other two move, but it's exciting, even the third time around.

It's been a rather quiet week. I am feeling a little better every day, but still am exhausted. I've missed The Office for about three months now because I'm going to sleep at 9pm. My cough still persists. I suppose if it's still there at the end of the month when I have my doctor appointment I'll mention it.

Sim and the kids took me out to Red Robin for lunch on my birthday, and for dinner Sim and I went to The Melting Pot. My life revolves around food, and I'm enjoying it that way. I've always been a bit of a foodie but it's magnified when I'm pregnant and constantly hungry. I gained 55 lbs when I was pregnant with Jeff, and 45 with Owen, so I'm hoping there is a downward trend and it will be a little less with this one. All the weight went away really easily between the two boys, but about 10 lbs has stuck with me after Owen. It has bothered me enough to mildly complain, but not enough to diet. I love food too much.

The boys have started to ask about how the baby is going to come out of me. I gave Jeff a little bit of detailed information (a vaguely uncomfortable conversation) but Owen just knows that it involves squeezing. Tonight he's kept saying he'll squeeze while I squeeze so he can help get the baby out. Then he practices squeezing. It's really funny. He wants to be there when the baby is born. I'll contemplate it more a little closer to time, but I've always thought of it as a very personal thing. I had never considered letting anyone but Sim in the room with me before now, but I think maybe I'll let the boys be there if they want to. Jeff will be a few months shy of 7, and Owen will be a couple weeks short of 4. Is that old enough, or would they just be scared? I'm not sure.

I leave on Saturday for Texas, or as I'm thinking of it, FoodFest 2009. Several restaurants that I grew up with and absolutely love are out there but not in Virginia. They're already programmed into the GPS. I am giddy. Other than munching my way through the state of Texas, I get to see my cousin, her new baby, and my mom, who is flying there for a visit at the same time. I get back Wednesday night. I'm already getting sad missing Sim and the kids, but I know I'll have a great time once I'm there.

Stay warm everyone!
~ Stephanie

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