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Week 16
~ A Vacationing I Will Go

I've spent most of the past week in Texas with family. I had never vacationed in Texas before, only driven through with some other destination in mind. I have to say, they have some great weather. I left Virginia and it was -9 (granted it was 5am and the coldest it would be that day). I arrived in Dallas to 74 degree weather. My cousin and mom met me at the airport; my mom had gotten in about an hour before me. We had lunch at my cousin's in-law's home, which was really great. They are this very Italian family who are so friendly and cook absolutely beautifully. I wish I could adopt them to be somehow related to me too. After lunch and some visiting, we made the three hour drive to Abilene.

This was the first time I'd ever been to my cousin's home, which was kind of surreal. The two of us grew up together. We are the same age, and she lived with me for a couple of years too. Obviously I knew she'd gotten married, has a job, bought a house, had a baby, but somehow over the phone it still seems like we're all just playing house. Does that make sense? I can't imagine eventually going to my brother's place.

I had a great time in Texas with Sarah and my mom, and did get to eat at a few of my favorite places. I wouldn't exactly refer to it as the FoodFest 2009 that I was hoping for, but definitely no complaints. It was so nice being around a baby again too! She's about two and a half months old and is starting to make happy talky noises. So cute. She made her first squeals while we were there too. I am so excited to be having one of my own again soon.

This coming week I have my doctor appointment, but that'll show in the week 18 entry I think. I'm a couple days behind with being out of town. I do always look forward to my appointments, although Sim won't be coming to this one since it's right at the time Jeffery gets off of the school bus. He hardly came to any of my appointments with the other kids, usually just the ones with ultrasounds, but for some reason I want him there more this time. Maybe because it's the last time. We're not doing anything drastic after this baby, after all I am only 27 and I could completely lose my mind and want another one in a few years. So no snipping or tying away at either one of us, but we're both sure we're done after this.

I hope everyone has a great week!
~ Stephanie

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