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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 17 & 18
~ Feeling the Burn

I never realized it's possible to feel heartburn in your back. It starts around 7 every evening, and lasts until I fall asleep. Red sauce and I are now arch enemies. The red sauce just taunts the heartburn, all I really need to do is drink water. Or breathe. It's been fun. However, I will take it in a second over the constant nausea that was weeks 3 through 14. And, I am now able to stay awake past 8pm, which significantly helps my TV addiction. So I suppose I can take the heartburn as long as the nausea and fatigue are gone. I find myself bargaining with my symptoms like this, as if I have some control.

I've had a really nice couple of weeks. I've had a couple of projects lately. First, we're working on our Spring vacation. Every Mother's Day weekend we go camping at the beach. It's this incredibly wonderful vacation that I look forward to every year. This year, though, I would be huge. And it's hard to go earlier because if it's cold, camping at the beach is pretty miserable. Every activity is outdoors. We stay at this campground that's absolutely perfect. They have several swimming pools and playgrounds, we can rent bicycles built for two, or play mini-golf. We stay in these tiny cabins. They've got beds and electricity, and heat and air, but that's it. No plumbing, we bring our own fridge. I'm not saying it's as rustic as tent camping (which I wouldn't even entertain) but it's fairly rustic. It's not what people would usually think of when they think of cabins. But it's just perfect for us. I will miss it this year. Since we can't do that, I'm working on an alternative. My little dreams include a weekend at an indoor waterpark. My big dream is DisneyWorld. Reality is likely to fall closer to little dream than big, but that's what dreams are for.

My other project is a vehicle. Prior to this baby coming, we needed a new one. I completely resist the idea of a minivan. I understand that they're lovely and wonderful, and you never need to tell your kids not to open the car door too wide again. Believe me, that has it's allure. But I'm 27, and I just can't buy a minivan yet. Plus, I like driving smaller cars. I have a Honda Accord, which I think should work fine. Sim, however, drives a regular pickup which seats three at the most. So we need a different vehicle for him that will fit the whole family. Although we're hoping to reconfigure our schedules and lives after this baby is born so that I can be home more, each one of us should be able to drive all the kids somewhere if need be. I've been reluctantly shopping because I haven't had a car payment in a long time and I'm not looking forward to it. I do like the idea of buying something new and shiny though, and I'm going to have to do it soon.

I had my doctor appointment and everything went well. I was concerned about some swelling, but the doctor checked it out and assured me that was fine. It did worry me enough to make a 9pm call to him though. I'm sure he things I'm nuts. Maybe just a little. My next checkup is February 26th, and that's when I'll have my 22 week ultrasound. I'm absolutely terrified they'll tell me they've changed their minds and it's a boy. I've requested the same doctor to do this one that did the last one, so if he says he was wrong I can injure him. I'm sure I will love the child no matter what, but I've been so looking forward to a girl.

I hope everyone is keeping budled up warm, and I'll catch up again next week!
~ Stephanie

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