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Week 19
~ The Kids

It's a bit of the same old, same old around here. We had Jeffery's kindergarten parent/teacher conference this week, which was really nice. She said he's doing really well and following classroom instruction much better. Previously he hadn't been behaving poorly, but had just been a little too rambunctious, much like every other little boy. She said if he is near someone he knows will cause trouble, he just asks to move now so he doesn't get caught up in it. I thought that showed a lot of maturity. Also, he can count and write to 100, and he's in the level 4 out of 5 reading group. I was quite the proud mommy.

I have absolutely no idea how Owen is doing in school, other than a teacher said she "wished she had 20 Owens in her class." There has been only one conference scheduled, and I wasn't able to go because I was horribly ill from the child I'm incubating. We talked about rescheduling it, but somehow it never happened. I hear conferences are coming up again at the end of the month, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Owen does tend to be my more easy-going child. Jeffery is very serious. He likes to be silly at times, but there's not a lot of in-between. He is one of the most thoughtful, kind children I have ever met, always concerned about how others are doing. But once he sets his mind to something, he gets frustrated very easily and angry when interrupted, and is quite argumentative. Owen is more happy-go-lucky. He'll go along with almost anything Jeffery wants to do, and completely worships his big brother. It's very sweet, and makes my life inexplicably easier than it could be. It can be difficult to make sure Owen's wants don't get shoved aside just because he doesn't voice them as loudly, but I love both my children very much, and love them each how they are.

The one that is still percolating seems to be doing fine. I don't weigh myself in between doctor appointments, but she seems to be getting quite large. She's starting to move more often. These websites that say 19 weeks: you might be starting to look pregnant! irritate me; I've "looked" pregnant for 7 weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me with car advice! It's been a big help, and so nice of you to take time out of your day to write. I am very grateful.

Talk to you next week!
~ Stephanie

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