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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 21 & 22
~ It's Official . . .

It's a girl! I am so happy. I've been absolutely terrified that they were going to tell me they were wrong before, since it was only at 13 weeks, 5 days. I've been afraid to completely believe it, or talk about it too much. But now I can be blissfully happy that I will have my boys, AND a girl to top it all off. It couldn't be better. I'm sure I would have loved a boy too, I'm just afraid if I never had a girl I would always feel like I had missed out on something. Plus she'll have two big brothers to keep an eye on her. Who could ask for anything more?

Everything else with the ultrasound went well too. There was one small hiccup with the actual appointment. I was scheduled to go in at 1pm, but they called at about 8am and said the doctor had a procedure and needed to move it up. Unfortunately, Sim was going to bring Owen and Jeffery to the ultrasound appointment, but Sim was chaperoning Owen's preschool field trip to a play that morning, so no one could come with me. I called my friend, who is also pregnant, and whined that I was going all alone. I was afraid something might be wrong, and I would have no one there with me. Plus, I just wanted someone to share the excitement with. She surprised me by driving the 45 minutes at the last second and met me up there. It was so nice to have someone else in the room and look at all the baby's fingers and toes with. The baby was playing with her feet for most of the time, just holding onto them with her hands. They have the 4-D equipment at this place, which is really cool. I didn't have that with either of my boys. In the still photos they print out, it looks like my baby is made of clay, but so much more real than the fuzzy black and white. They couldn't get a good picture of her face; she kept her hands and feet in front of it. Oh, well, I'll just see her pretty little face when I get to meet her in June.

Have I mentioned that before? Even though I'm due July 2nd, they won't let me go past 38 weeks, which ends up being June 18th. With Jeffery, my blood pressure became elevated right at the end, so they induced me at 39 1/2 weeks. He was 7 lbs, 3 oz. Not gigantic, but seeing as I had started out at a 5'1", 105 lb person, it didn't go well. There was 4th degree tearing, and the proclamation by my doctor that I am not allowed to have a baby that size again. Fast forward 3 years and 9 months to Owen's birth. I was induced at exactly 38 weeks, and he was 7 lbs, 4 oz. Luckily, they were more prepared this time, and I only had 2nd degree tearing. Still sounds a little grizzly, but I felt worlds better. I really hadn't realized how rough it was the first time. They had kept the catheter in and wouldn't let me get out of bed for two days. They gave me morphine through the IV (that I was allergic to so I became enormously itchy). I hurt for weeks. With Owen, I was walking around the hospital about 4 hours later and felt fine. So, since they don't induce labor except for in an emergency before 38 weeks, that's when I'll be going in. Unless she decides to make an appearance earlier.

I am a little concerned about that. For my boys, I lived 5 minutes from the hospital, but was induced both times. With Jeff, labor lasted 7 hours. Not bad for a first baby. With Owen, it was 3 hours, and I was dilated to 4 and having painless contractions even when I was admitted, before the pitocin started. I realize this is the point where I begin getting evil glares from other women. However, now I live almost an hour from the hospital, so if this trend continues, and I go into labor before I'm scheduled to go in, I'll end up having the baby in the jeep. The lack of the OB and nurses does not concern me. The lack of the anesthesiologist does. I'm not a home water birth kind of gal, although I really respect all who are. Me, I need the meds.

I also had my regular monthly checkup, which was incredibly boring other than them telling me I've gained 16 lbs. I plan on many more . Chick-Fil-A's strawberry milkshakes are a thing of beauty.

Until next week!
~ Stephanie

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