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Week 23
~ Snap, Crackle, Pop

Wow, this baby can move now! Sim can finally feel her move by placing his hand on my tummy, which makes for much more interesting conversations. Asking him "Did you feel that?" and him saying "Maybe? No" was getting a little old. At this point I can actually see my tummy move when she's rolling around.

My hips have been just killing me. Partially they ache from sleeping on my side all the time. One side will get sore and I'll switch to the other, but pretty soon that one starts throbbing. When I walk it feels like my hips are made of rubber bands and sticks. Like pretty soon they're just going to come disconnected. Also, when I stand up they sound like Rice Krispies. It's loud enough for people around me to hear all the snap, crackle, popping. Very attractive.

This week I went on a shopping excursion with my friend. I took a day off of work and we drove around Central Virginia shopping at the secondhand baby stores (I found one that sells used maternity clothes as well so I was able to update my wardrobe a bit), getting pedicures, and eating pizza and doughnuts. I got a couple of outfits for my little girl too. I love the secondhand kids' stores. They only accept items in very good condition, so my kids get this great wardrobe that doesn't look like the exact same thing every other kid is wearing, and I spend way less money on brands I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

I also signed up for the classes at the hospital this week. In April Sim and I will have the hospital tour, and in May we're taking the boys to the sibling class, and we'll have the childbirth refresher course. It's a one-day, three hour class instead of a six week long session. We did the longer one when I was pregnant with Jeff, and it was really valuable then. We didn't take any class with Owen, but did send Jeff to the sibling thing. So since I haven't taken any childbirth class in 6 and a half years, I thought a little update wouldn't be such a bad thing. And I'm excited about the hospital tour since I've never been to this one before.

I feel like I've reached a point in the pregnancy where I'm pretty pleased. I don't feel awful all of the time, and I'm not too exhausted to move yet. I am a bit concerned about the upcoming glucose tolerance test. I don't eat healthily (see doughnuts and pizza commentary above). I've never been overweight so I've never really worried about what I eat, plus, genetically, I'm fairly doomed. I figure I might as well enjoy the ride. I do like salad and veggies and such, but I am the condiment queen. I'm pretty sure I drown the nutrients in dressing. Well, I'll take my test in the next couple of weeks and we'll see how it goes. I've never failed before but I think it's a small miracle.

Until next week!
~ Stephanie

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