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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 25 & 26
~ The House of Misery, Part II

It continues. This is a bit late, but it's been a bit overwhelming with the amount of illness going on around here. Jeffery's ailments in the past several weeks have included two weeks of the flu, getting kneed in the face by a kid on the bus (which led to a black eye), one case of pink eye, and now strep throat. All of that seems bad enough, until we get to Owen. Poor Owen has had two weeks of the flu, followed by two cases of pink eye, two massive ear infections, a cold, and then the vomiting and diarrhea began. I had no idea it was possible to have this many issues all within less than a month.

It has been exhausting. We've been to the doctor's office four different times, and each time it's been something new. The last time we went, yesterday, was for Jeff's strep. He'd been complaining of a sore throat for several days and had a fever. Normally, I would have brought him in sooner since I knew it could be strep throat but I just thought that we couldn't possibly have something else wrong, and I was a bit in denial. But since his throat still hurt on Tuesday I took him in. So now we've added Amoxicillin to our little pharmacy. I feel so bad though; I told him I was sorry for not taking him in sooner, and he said, "That's okay Mommie. You did the best you could." Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve these wonderful kids of mine.

I had my doctor appointment for the baby during week 26. (I guess that makes a total of five doctor appts this month?) I have gained a total of 19 pounds--not bad for me. I gain a lot. My doctor said everything looks good, and my weight gain is on track. I asked about when the induction gets scheduled, and he said it's a bit early to put it on the books yet. He did confirm though that he agrees with the obgyn I had for the boys and inducing me at 38 weeks is the best plan.

I also went in for my gestational diabetes test. I chose the orange flavor, waited an hour, and got poked in the arm. Since I haven't heard anything back, I'm going to assume all is well. I'll ask the doctor at the end of the month when I go in again just to be sure. I really don't think the test is that bad. Afterward I got a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds. It made my entire morning.

I have a lot of family asking me what I'm naming the baby. I've been a little hesitant to answer this time. With Jeffery and Owen, we gave them family names. Jeffery was my maiden name, and his middle name, Austin, was Sim's grandfather's. Owen's is a surname on Sim's side, and his middle name, Donald, is my father's first. But this is my selfish baby. We wanted a second child because we didn't want Jeff to be an only. That seems terrible now, and I didn't even know if it was a good idea at the time. Sometimes though, I think you can start something for the wrong reason, and it can still turn out to be this really great thing, that you do for all the right reasons in the end. We can't imagine our lives without Owen now. He has brought so much more to our lives than simply being a playmate for Jeff. And now we're having a third, for no other reason than we want another baby. A third child isn't practical. I want one anyway. So she is my selfish child, and I'm not naming her after anyone. And I'm keeping it a secret from most people, for now. I figure, everyone knows that she's a girl, and what day she'll be born. It'll be exciting to Sim and me no matter what, but it would be nice to save a little piece of information for the big day for everyone else.

I'm looking forward to a fresh start next week, and I hope to have much happier things to write about very soon!

~ Stephanie

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