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Week 27
~ Half & Half

Jeff and Owen dying eggsMy children are finally better! Jeffery is finishing up his amoxicillin, but other than that and I'm sure some gray hairs on my head, you'd never know anything was so wrong for a while there. It feels kind of like after there's been a big storm, and you look outside and everything seems more beautiful than it once did. It's so calm and fresh feeling, and I am just so grateful that they made it through okay.

It's been spring break week, and the kids have been gearing up for Easter. They spent a couple of days at my mother-in-law's house, which they really enjoyed. We dyed eggs at our place before they went. It was nice to have the house just to Sim and I for a little while. We didn't get too much time of just lounging around together, since we work opposite schedules. But it was still really nice. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner one night, and picked up the crib I'd ordered the week before! We assembled it the next day, so now our baby has a place to sleep when she comes home. The crib I had used for the boys had gotten over-loved, and was not lasting for a third child. We got rid of it when Owen was about two and a half. He'd still be sleeping in it now if we'd let him. He's absolutely convinced that he's getting it back when he "grows back down to a baby." By the time we made him move out of the crib, the wood on the leg was split in half, and the front rail was held to the side by a bungee cord. Not safe. Jeffery, on the other hand, was switched to a toddler bed when he was around 16 months old. He decided to use the railing for some acrobatic moves, and we were afraid of him hurting himself. He was un-phased by the transition.

Owen egg dyingI am a little depressed having to buy a new crib for what I'm sure is our last child, but that's the way it is. I also purchased a new car seat. It's exciting to be able to go super-girly this time. The baby stuff I had for the boys has just been too worn out for a third kid. Plus, several of the things for the boys, including the car seat, were used when I got them. So it's sort of been a spending spree for all around here lately, which is not friendly to the budget. At least a friend of mine is giving me a dresser in the next few days, so I won't need to buy that too.

Stephanie at 27 weeksI've been what I would call "over-emotional" lately. Sim would probably have less kind words for it. I had a complete breakdown several days ago over half and half. From the title of this entry you would probably think I'm talking about something a bit deeper than a dairy product, but I'm not. It's about the dairy product. Sim was sent to the grocery store with a list, and decided to go to Sam's Club instead. Which would be fine if he hadn't used the entire grocery budget on excessive amounts of like seven things. I have enough mayonnaise to open a restaurant. This left no remaining funds for him to go to the regular store and get things like, say, sugar. Or eggs. Or half and half. So when the kids were at my mother-in-law's and I went to have a nice, relaxing cup of coffee before work, and there was no half and half available (after I had my hopes up and had poured the coffee into the cup), I went a little off the deep end. I'm not sure how to convey just how upset I was over this, but I cried most of the way to work. I called Sim, crying, while driving. I got to work and told a co-worker about what had happened, and I started crying again. I am not normally a crier. Another co-worker went out and bought me a breakfast biscuit and a coffee to console me. And although I understand that I am over-the-top absurdly upset over this, it hasn't diminished my anger, hurt or annoyance.

I have included a photo of myself at 27 weeks. It's not the best photo of me, and I'm giving the camera a dirty look, but that's because I was told to "suck it in" right before the picture was taken. I am gigantic.

I am so happy to have (mostly) good things to report this week, and I'll check in again next week!

~ Stephanie

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