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Week 28
~ Slowing Down

Owen and EasterI've noticed myself slowing down more starting this week. Easter was at the beginning of it, which we spent with Sim's mom and brother. I brought the kids' Easter baskets with me to Richmond, and had a really great weekend between the holiday and spending the Saturday before with my friend. She's getting married in the fall and I went to her first wedding dress fitting! It was so exciting. I've told Sim I want to get married again and he looks at me like I'm crazy. Maybe a little bit. It did make me get the urge to try on my wedding dress and just sit around the house in it, but then I remembered that I'm behemoth at the moment. I also spent a little time shopping over the weekend, and picked up a high chair and Bumbo seat at the second-hand kids' store. They didn't have the Bumbo seats when the boys were little, and I find them spongy and weird. However, they had one in purple, so I'm willing to overlook the sponginess and try it out. Anything for purple.

All of those activities completely wore me out. I've started becoming exhausted by about 8 every evening. I'm still managing to hold off on sleep until around 10:30, but it's not a productive couple of hours there at the end.

Jeff EasterI did get the baby's dresser from a friend, and I'm very excited about it. I need to find some cute drawer pulls for it. I looked around at Target for some but darn drawer pulls are expensive when you need 10 of them. Is it a sign that I need to stop shopping at second-hand stores when I think Target is expensive? Nonetheless, Lowe's is my next stop. I figure if I'm going to have to pay $50 for drawer pulls they are going to be obnoxiously cute.

Having the dresser has allowed me to get into the nesting full-swing as my energy level allows. I bought one of those plastic rolling carts from Target for the diapering supplies (since I'm not going to use a changing table) and a pack of newborn diapers and wipes. This is probably the only time that buying diapers will give me a thrill, but it did.

I did get an unpleasant surprise during the week when I discovered someone had hacked into an old Paypal account of mine and stolen (and used) my credit card information! I got it all straightened out, but only after a lot of hassle and stress.

Next week is super-busy with our little family vacation, but I will update once I get back!

~ Stephanie

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