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Week 29
~ Vacation!

family on vacationIt's been crazy busy with vacation last week, but lots of fun. We went to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. It was really nice to get away and spend some time together as a family. With Sim's and my opposite work schedules, that doesn't get to happen too often.

We left first thing Sunday morning, and drove to Richmond to spend some time with family. We visited my mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law was also in town for a couple days (for an aunt's funeral that Sim also went to on Saturday) so we got to see him too. Then we headed over to my aunt, uncle and cousins' new house, and spent a couple of hours with them. The kids love visiting them because my cousins happen to be 7 and 5, which makes the four of them 3, 5, 6 and 7. Jeffery and Jack often turn into Star Wars-themed co-conspirators against the younger ones. After a lovely visit, we headed off to Williamsburg.

Great Wolf Lodge's main attraction is a large indoor water park. The kids loved it. There was plenty for them to do, and a lot that I could participate in as well. There was one unfortunate incident where I became beached on an inner tube. I decided to float around this gentle river type thing and hoisted myself (no easy feat) into laying on the tube with my butt in the middle. This was all fine and good until I wanted out, and realized I was unable to fold myself into the correct position to do so. I was too embarrassed to ask for help, so I had to float around for about 20 more minutes until Sim came looking for me. He was very amused.

JeffJeffery turned into quite the daredevil. He went on every single slide and ride. I was glad Sim had a buddy for this, because pregnant or not, I don't go on fast rides. I'm glad I didn't know about some of the stuff they did until afterwards though, because I would have had a heart attack knowing my 6 year old was going on anything called "the tornado." Owen and I stuck together quite a bit. About an hour before we were to leave, he got doused by a very large bucket of water and decided he'd had enough. Luckily we were leaving anyway, because there would have been no getting that kid back into the water. All he would say for the next long while was "I'm ready to go home now." We shared a soda while Sim and Jeff finished up surfing.

Other than sharing a really great few days with the family, I have one other highlight of my week. It's very shallow, but I'm excited. I went to the outlet, and bought myself the loveliest Coach purse. I very rarely get anything that's just for me, and I absolutely love it. Plus, I tend to keep and use one purse for several years, so I'm considering it an investment. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

On the baby front, I looked like a whale in my swimsuit, but at least I managed to find one without a granny skirt. It had boy shorts and was rather cute, but I still looked like a whale. Also, round ligament pain has struck with full force this week. Whenever I am sitting for awhile and then go to stand up (such as after a car ride) I look like I'm about to give birth right then and there. I end up holding my stomach, pretty much bent in half from the pain. This lasts while I hobble over to a place I can sit down, and for another several minutes. It's not cute. Other than that, and a rather icky varicose vein issue, I haven't had too many discomforts lately.

I'll check in again next week!
~ Stephanie

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