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Week 30
~ My Turn at the Doctor's Office

I want to start by saying that at least my children are healthy. I can deal with anything as long as they stay well. However, I am completely miserable.

It all started with a little bit of a sore throat. No big deal. However, a couple days after getting back from vacation, it had turned into a sore throat with a "productive" cough (ew), and my ears hurt like the dickens. I didn't go to the doctor for a couple days because I knew I had my monthly obgyn checkup, and thought that hey, they're doctors too. They can check me out. Apparently, you can either be qualified to work a thermometer, or the stirrups, but not both. My obgyn, who I have liked until this point but managed to annoy me this week, let me know that I could see my primary care physician if I needed someone to look at my throat. This was on a Friday afternoon. After suffering through until Sunday I called the on-call doctor at my PCP's office, and asked what medications I could take for a sore throat. She said all she can say is Tylenol, and I have to call my obgyn. So I called him, and three hours later got a call back saying I can take Robitussin and Mucinex if absolutely necessary.

On Monday morning I called the PCP's office and made an appointment. There I found out that I have bronchitis, an ear infection, pink eye, and a secondary bacterial lung infection. I could lick a petri dish and scientists could study it for years. The only thing they could give me was amoxicillin, and instructions to take the robitussin if my obgyn said it was ok. I went ahead with this plan until on Tuesday I noticed the baby wasn't moving very much at all, and I felt completely drugged. So I called the obgyn again, who said I had to come in for a stress test thingy. Apparently, baby doesn't like robitussin. But the results came out okay, and I was much relieved. However, no more cough medicine allowed.

So I have managed to miss an entire week of work, go to the doctor three times from a Friday to Tuesday, and use PTO previously dedicated to maternity leave. And I've coughed so much my ribs are killing me. But a week and a half into it, I am beginning to feel better. My throat doesn't hurt quite as much, the pink eye is gone, and my ears only hurt at night. The cough remains. I broke down and went back to work, and my co-workers are convinced I'm infecting them with the swine flu.

The bronchitis, etc. medley has taken over my week. But at my obgyn appointment, I learned I have gained 22 lbs. total, and everything is measuring right on track. I go back again at 34 weeks, and from there he wants to see me every two weeks. I guess once you're on your third kid they get a little more relaxed about the whole thing, because from what I've read you start the bi-weekly appointments at 28-30 weeks. At my stress-test appointment he checked my cervix and said I'm not dilated at all, but the baby has turned to head-down position. Yay!

I was supposed to start a prenatal water aerobics class this past Monday, but I had to skip it this time. So that'll begin next Monday now. I am really looking forward to it, as I've never done a water aerobics class of any kind before, and it'll be neat to bob around in the water with a bunch of other pregnant people.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warming weather, and I'll check in again next week!
~ Stephanie

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