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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31 & 32
~ Tea Party

I had the loveliest Mother's Day this year. Owen has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so the Thursday before Mother's Day the preschool held a tea party for the moms. I took the morning off from work, and Owen's class sang me songs, and Owen waved to me so sweetly from the front of the room. He seems so big and so small, all at the same time. I brought a special tea cup with me to drink from (I collect antique teacups, so I was ecstatic to actually have a reason to use one), and Owen served me tea in it. We also had cucumber sandwiches, and he picked all of the cucumbers out of mine to eat for himself. He gave me a picture frame and a drawing he'd made, with a list of reasons he says he loves me. I learned that I make the best pancakes, I take him to the swings, and I'm always happy at him. That sounds about right.

On Mother's Day itself I got to sleep in. It was completely beautiful. With Sim working weekends, and nights at that, I always am the one to get up with the kids on Saturday and Sunday. Then all my boys brought me breakfast in bed, and gave me presents. In school, Jeffery made me a beautiful card, several colorful pictures, and a letter he wrote describing me. He also gave me a cedar birdhouse that he made with Sim in the shop. Owen made me bird feeders, which were pine cones with peanut butter and birdseed stuck to them. All three of them gave me a card. After Sim had gone to work I took Jeffery and Owen to the park where we had a picnic and played for about an hour. It was a really great holiday. I'm definitely going to have to step it up for Father's Day for Sim this year.

I spent a lot of the two weeks recovering from my bronchitis. I felt a lot better, but the cough still lingered. Then, I did something both really embarrassing and really painful. I sneezed. This wouldn't have been an issue, but I was twisted to the side reaching for a kleenex when I did it, which caused me to pull a muscle in my back. I went to my PCP, and they think I pulled a muscle and cracked a rib. I've had so many ailments in the past two weeks that I don't even want to talk about it, but between the PCP and OB, they decided to prescribe me Motrin 800mg and some kind of muscle relaxer, and I spent 2 days almost completely immobile. From sneezing. I need a better story. The OB said that the back injury and cracked rib are much easier to do while pregnant. If I could just stop coughing, the cracked rib wouldn't be nearly so bad, but I really am feeling much better today.

The baby has been moving around happily lately, and other than my medley of ailments, I have been feeling alright. I started my prenatal water aerobics and have gone twice now. I'm really enjoying it. Sadly it does involve actual exercise, not just bobbing around in the water, but that's probably good for me. It's given me a hobby that isn't just part of the work and home routine. I don't mind my work, and I love being with my family, but it's nice to have something apart from that. And hanging out with a bunch of other pregnant ladies is fun.

I have my hospital tour next week. I was supposed to have my childbirth refresher course this week, but I had to reschedule for the June 5th class due to my back. Also next week I have a dentist appointment, my first one while I've been pregnant. Since my gums have been much more sensitive the past 7 months, I'm kind of afraid of them bleeding a lot during the cleaning, but I'll see how it goes.

That's about everything for the past couple of weeks. I'll do my best to not have to combine them anymore, but I got a little behind while sick. I'll check in again next week!

~ Stephanie

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