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Week 33
~ May Showers

My coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower! They did give me a little bit of notice; the day before at work I came in and they were all standing there to greet me with little umbrellas. Since I'm a dense person, I was completely lost. They tried to give hints, but I was still lost. I'll blame pregnancy and still being injured. Then they told me that I was having a baby shower the next day after work. I was SO excited. I've never had a real baby shower before, with my friends there. When I was pregnant with Jeffery, my mother-in-law and her friend had a couple of their friends over for a shower-like party, but there were only about five of us and there was no one I really knew. This wasn't my mother-in-law's fault at all; I was just new to the area at that point and didn't know many people, and it was really thoughtful of her to do it. But I was excited beyond words for this one.

They got me a cake, and there were several different food trays--one being full of pickles and olives, two of my favorites! About 15 people came. All I had to do was just sit there, eat, and open presents! I've never done such a thing. They had a couple of games which I was exempt from, which was just fine by me. I now have so many cute little girl outfits, and a couple of gift cards that I'm positively itching to use. I can't explain how happy I am that they did that for me. It's really nice to work at a place where I'm surrounded by people I genuinely like.

I also had my hospital tour this week. They suggest that you not bring your children, which I now understand. When they said that I didn't take it too seriously, because they're my kids. Unless I'm at work, or on a date with my husband, they are a package deal with me. I failed to comprehend, however, that I might want to actually pay attention to the tour guide. There were four couples on the tour, and three of us brought our kids. It was the fourth couple's first baby. The other kids were all pretty well behaved. I love my children dearly, and in the comfort of our own home, they follow directions reasonably well. In public they are terrors. I have no idea what to do about this. We've gone through the cycle of threats and bribes so many times they don't mean anything anymore. I've tried taking them out more so that they're used to going to stores and restaurants and such, but it seems to have made little or no difference. They just behave like they would in our own family room, but all the time. They chase each other and tackle, etc. So it wasn't a lot different at the hospital tour.

The rooms do seem very nice, and they're private. It is a smaller facility than where I had the boys, but I suppose that's fine as long as everyone knows what they're doing. The one thing I wasn't really fond of is they said they like to have the babies "room in" with the moms at night. I figure, I have two days to recover and get some sleep. I want to use them. I'd love the baby in the room while I'm awake, but at night I just want to get some rest. That's what I did when Owen was born and it was great.

They allow two support people in the room with me. I plan on that being my husband and my friend, Calonda. She's going to be in charge of the boys while they're in the room, for as long as they want to be there. When they want to go, she'll take them to my mother-in-law in the waiting room, and dependent upon the situation either stay with them or come back to the room to help me with whatever I need. That way Sim can just stay there to be with me and offer support. It took a lot of thinking to figure out who to ask to do this--as I've said before, I have always thought of childbirth as a very private experience, and have never had anyone but Sim in the room. But the boys both asked to be there, and although I don't know that they understand what they've signed up for, I'd like to let them if there's a way. Calonda is good both with children, and fluids, so I figured she is the best person for the job. Plus, she's a great friend.

My dentist appointment was at the end of the week. THAT I did not enjoy. Lots of poking and the dental hygienist was super talky. She had a metaphor for everything. Everything. Plus I was scolded for never having my wisdom teeth removed. At least my teeth are nice and shiny now. I'll check in next week, when I'll have my doctor's report to share!

~ Stephanie

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