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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ The Home Stretch

I'm starting to get antsy. It now feels like I am nearing the end of this adventure. I am 90% thrilled and 10% sad. I think I would be more sad if I felt a little better, but I am so achy that it's hard to get too nostalgic. I don't see myself doing the whole pregnancy thing again, so I'm really nearing the end of a certain chapter of my life. I've weeded through the baby stuff, and given away the boy things, because there won't be another boy. OK now I'm getting more sad.

I had my doctor appointment this week, and although they were cool with the amount of weight I gained in the past four weeks, I was fairly shocked. 7 lbs. That puts me at 30 total. I was quite surprised because while I was sick I barely ate anything. I guess I've been making up for it the past couple weeks. The doctor didn't do a "full" exam (ie: the stirrupy type) but did feel around my belly, and said she's definitely dropped and is very low. I thought she had felt different the past few days, but didn't want to say anything in case I was going a little crazy. It's good to know things are on the move. I go back in two weeks, on the first day of week 36, and I get the full exam and Group B Strep test then. I'm kind of leery of that, but am excited to find out if I'm dilated or anything. With Owen I went for my 34 week checkup and I was 1cm dilated, at 35 I was 2, at 36 I was 3 and at 37 I was 4, and I was sent to be induced at 38 weeks, which was a couple days later. By the time I had my checkup and they said I was 4cm dilated, I was like "you have got to be kidding." I really didn't know people could even walk around like that. I'm hoping to go into labor on my own, without being induced, sometime in week 37. But seeing as I don't get a choice in the matter I'll attempt to be patient in the meantime.

My family had a nice Memorial Day weekend together. It's the 10 year anniversary of Sim and I meeting, which took place at the Indy 500. We still go some years, him more than me, but we both skipped this year since it's so close to baby time. We did get to have a nice family day though, with all of us together. We bought a dozen hatching eggs so hopefully we'll get some baby chicks in a few weeks. I am not sure what possessed my husband to think that now was a good time to hatch baby chicks (wants to have chick babies the same day as his own baby?). We currently have 14 hens that are starting to lay less since they're a couple years old. I don't fool with them much, and they stay in their coop, but it is nice to have fresh eggs and sell a few to the local market as well. We also went to a few different stores looking for window treatments for baby, with no luck. You can imagine how much the husband and boys loved that. I offered to let them out at Lowes so they could look at tools or whatever it is that boys prefer, but they toughed it out and went to department stores with me. All in all it was a very nice day together.

This week we got our carpets cleaned in anticipation of the new baby. It's amazing what two kids, three dogs, two cats and a husband can do to perfectly good flooring. I've also set up for the house and deck to be powerwashed next week. I want everything to be nice when the baby, and a significant amount of company, get here. I've enjoyed all the nesting lately, but the rest of the family hasn't loved the maniacal cleaning as much.

I'll write more next week!
~ Stephanie

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