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Week 35
~ Things Are Moving!

I'm not quite as uncomfortable this week, unless you count rolling over in bed. That is still a three step process. Sim hasn't helped matters by being extra snuggly the past several days. I feel bad about it, since it's not like I don't like him snuggling up next to me in the bed, but it's hard enough to turn over without him infringing on my side. So I've been waking up at least three times a night telling him to get to his own half.

Although this entry is for week 35, I do have to include something from the first day of week 36--my doctor appointment. I have been trying to patiently go along and not think about when the baby will come. I figured she will come when I'm induced around June 18th, but I really would like to have the whole experience of going into labor on my own, just once. I asked Sim to go with me to this appointment, because he hasn't been to one since week 13. I knew they would do the Group B Strep test and the doctor said he'd check my cervix if I wanted him to. Since I like to know all the information, I wanted him to. Plus, the doctor had said he'd schedule the induction date at this visit (which didn't end up happening). So Sim and Owen met me for my appointment.

The doctor did the GBS test and checked my cervix. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but I was surprised at what he told me--I'm 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and the baby is at 0 station! He didn't have any estimate of when I'd go into labor, but he said there's a good possibility I won't last till the 38 weeks to be induced. Luckily, since at this point I'm technically 36 weeks, 1 day, she should be just fine if born now. I think she'll camp out in there for another week or so, but who knows. He wants to see me again on Monday (4 days later). This was all the information Sim needed to start a family betting pool on when I'll have the baby. Boys.

Otherwise this past week we've just been getting the house ready. We had the house and deck powerwashed, and it's disturbing how much different (better) it looks. We need to seal the deck once it finally stops raining, and until then we're not letting the dogs walk on it. They haven't been enjoying not being allowed outside except for their walks on leashes. We've been trying to find a home for one of our little dogs, Gus. I'm sad that he has to go, but we just don't have the time for all three dogs. Since he's a little miniature dachshund/chihuahua mix, it shouldn't be too long before we find someone that will love him.

Next week I have my childbirth refresher class, and the sibling class for the kids. On Monday the doctor wants to see me again. Then on Tuesday it's Jeffery's kindergarten graduation. It should be a busy week ahead!

~ Stephanie

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