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Week 36
~ So Ready

It's official . . . I'm over it. I am so ready to have this baby. I have checked everything off of my list, and all there is to do left is wait, which I am not good at.

I had my childbirth class last Friday, which turned out to be a two day class, so I went Saturday morning too. It was more crowded than I expected it to be, and not quite as interesting as I had hoped. It was advertised as a "refresher course" but out of maybe 15 couples, only two of us had had kids before. So it was significantly more geared toward first-time mothers, with everything being brand new information. It felt a little like that episode of Friends (I can relate almost anything to an episode of Friends) where Monica takes that beginner's cooking class, even though she's a chef. Not to say I'm some childbirth expert or anything, but you get the idea if you've seen it.

Sim took off from work and went with me to the Friday night portion, but since we didn't have childcare lined up for Saturday morning I went alone to that. It didn't bother me; most of the couples-oriented stuff was in the first portion. Sim took the kids to a homeowner association meeting (always lively) and then met me up at the hospital for the kids' sibling class. The sibling class was just adorable. The boys learned how to diaper and swaddle a baby, and how to hold her. When the teacher told all the kids to support the baby's head, Owen took both hands and held the doll baby only by her head, in a dangling sort of fashion. It was a little alarming, but made me laugh. And for the hospital tour portion both boys had become attached to their baby dolls and carried them gently along--swaddled, diapered and all. It was very sweet. But then life had to return to normal so Sim went to work and I took the boys home.

Monday was my doctor appointment, the second one for week 36. He said I'm now dilated to "a good 3" and still 80% effaced. I did learn that he's going on vacation from the 17th-25th of June, which means that if I am induced on the 18th, he won't be there to do it. I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this. I think I don't care that much if he isn't the one to deliver the baby, as the doctor doesn't do that much anyway, other than catch the baby. The nurses are really the ones who get you through. I think I'm more annoyed that I wasn't told before. But since at 3cm there is/was a good chance it wouldn't even come to being induced (although now since it's several days later and I'm still pregnant I have my concerns), we decided to discuss induction dates at my next appointment, next week Tuesday, the 16th. At this point I'm thinking that the 22nd would be a good date, to see if it would happen on its own before then. I also don't want to wait too long because that 4th degree tearing is mighty uncomfortable.

Tuesday was kindergarten graduation. It was so sweet watching Jeffery walk across the stage in his cap and get his little kindergarten diploma. He was also really proud that they were serving refreshments afterwards. He kept asking if I would like a refreshment. Very cute.

The rest of the week has had me being impatient. Once kindergarten graduation was over, I had accomplished everything I wanted to do before I meet my little girl. Now that I have, the waiting has begun. Her room is ready. It almost glows purple. Sim decided to be industrious and pick out window treatments himself while I was at work. I'm not complaining at all, because I'm really happy that he was willing to be involved like that, and installed them before I got home. However, I will say that when I said "neutral" I wasn't exactly thinking "neon purple." Keep in mind that the walls are also purple. As is the guest bed quilt. It's now a purple-themed room. I'm adapting.

We did find a home for our little dog Gus this week. It's been sad, but definitely for the best. We've called the family to check up on him and it sounds like its going great. And we've had so much more time for our other little dog, Elvis. He's had a lot more time indoors.

That's been about it from here--wish me luck for progress in week 37!

~ Stephanie

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