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Week 37
~ So Ready

So . . . since I was set to be induced on June 18th, I made June 16th my last day of work. This gave me one day of pampering and relaxation before having my baby. However, since my doctor decided to take a vacation from the 17th-29th, he asked that I set up the induction with the Midwife later that week at my 38 week appointment since she would be the one doing it. This was on Tuesday. I was alright with this, as I thought, well, I guess she'll induce me Monday the 22nd if I don't have the baby before then.

I can only assume that my doctor did not make very complete notes since he thought this little girl would come out on her own before it became an issue. Because when I met with the midwife on the 19th, she said she does not consider a previous fourth degree tear to make an induction with this baby medically necessary. She does not believe in inductions, or epidurals, and she will not perform them. Meanwhile, my doctor gets back on the 29th, four days before my due date, when he said I'm not allowed to have this baby that late. I could positively injure somebody. You would think the midwife would follow through on my doctor's recommendations, but she doesn't even believe my due date! I used an ovulation predictor kit the month I got pregnant, and two ultrasounds have confirmed that date!

Also this week I learned that I am Group B Strep positive. I was with Owen too so I wasn't really surprised there. And between my Tuesday and Friday appointments, I gained 4 lbs. I am not sure how that is even possible. I have been looking a little puffy lately, so I'm going to blame it on fluid retention.

The midwife has ordered an ultrasound for Monday afternoon, to determine fetal weight. I think it's just so she can say that I'm not having a 9 lb baby so I'll be fine. Jeff was 7 lbs, 3oz, and they're thinking this one is about 7lbs, so I have my concerns.

So now all I can do is wait for my ultrasound and go back to work for a few days until my parents get here at the end of next week. I'm afraid my dad is going to miss seeing his granddaughter altogether. It's been a very stressful ordeal, and I'm mad that it's taken away from just being able to enjoy this last little bit of pregnancy. I will update when I know more about what is going on, and I will be praying that she decides to make an entrance on her own!

~ Stephanie

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