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Week 38
~ Frustration and Delight

Well, I had one whole week left of being cranky and pregnant after my last entry. After meeting with the midwife that Friday, I spent the weekend completely stressed out. My mother-in-law was nice enough to take the boys to her house for a couple of days so I could relax. It was actually really nice, because Sim and I got to spend a little bit of time alone. It sounds like it would have the potential to be romantic, but we spent the weekend weeding the yard and re-organizing the boys' bedroom closet. I thought maybe all that bending and squatting would help get the baby out. I heard back from my manager at work, who said I could come back in for a few days the next week if I wanted to, since I still had no baby.

Monday morning I called in to the doctor's office, asking if there was any way for them to talk to my doctor so he could explain the situation, since clearly he didn't make good notes, or the rest of his office was choosing to ignore them. They said no, but they set up the appointment for an ultrasound later that day to determine fetal weight, and said that I would be seeing his back-up doctor on Tuesday. Unfortunately, his back-up after the midwife was the doctor that I saw for the first couple of visits in this pregnancy and didn't like. The ultrasound went fine and they estimated her weight at 6 1bs, 11oz. That doctor wrote a memo to my doctor suggesting also that they induce at that point, 38 weeks.

My Tuesday appointment with the back-up doctor did not go well. She brought up how I had switched from her at least fuve times, which I was really surprised about. I may not have liked her personality before, but I thought she'd be professional enough to not be ticked off that I had switched practices. She also said that she would not induce me due to going over the midwife's notes, and I would have to call my own doctor when he got back. I sat in my car in the parking lot and cried.

From Monday to Thursday I went in to work, which was a little awkward after already having been gone for three days. I was worried about it but it turned out that all of my co-workers were really great and understanding. All week long I was trying out everything I could find online for ways to induce labor. Castor oil (ew), red raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, spicy foods, walking, etc. I even resorted to sex, which my poor husband had been deprived of for some time. After a while it's just uncomfy. Alas, nothing worked and when I picked up my parents from the airport on Thursday evening, I was still hugely pregnant.

And then it was Friday, the day of my doctor's return from vacation. I had a great day visiting with my parents but I was nervous about calling my doctor that evening. I left a message with the answering service for him to give me a call once his plane landed, and about an hour later he called me back. He was really surprised that I hadn't had the baby before then, and let me know he'd call me back when he got to the office Saturday to set something up. Since I'd been told that they don't schedule inductions on the weekend, I was worried that my dad was going to miss it all. He was going back to Wisconsin on Monday.

There are not words to describe how happy I was when my phone rang on Saturday morning and it was him. He told me to be at the hospital at 7 pm that night and they'd get things rolling. I was GIDDY. My dad, Sim and Jeffery were planning to go to the car races in Richmond that night (June 27th) but I told Sim that he was missing it, because we were FINALLY having our baby!

~ Stephanie

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