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Stephanie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Feeling Sick and Tired

The past couple weeks have not been lovely. I am so happy to be pregnant, but this baby is completely kicking my butt. When I was pregnant with Jeffery, I remember missing maybe two days of work and feeling tired when I took a shower in the mornings. For some reason, maybe the hot water, it just exhausted me. That's it. I'm not saying I never felt bad, but it didn't alter my routine very much. With Owen, I got headaches more frequently than usual, and I felt a little nauseous at times. Neither time did I feel compelled to research remedies on the internet, or call my doctor in desperation for relief. With this one, I have purchased Sea-Bands (worked for one day . . . Tuesday was nice), B-natal lozenges (didn't help a bit), real Ginger Ale, and peppermints. Besides the one blissful day with Sea-Bands, nothing helped. On Thursday I broke down and called the doctor and explained I had tried every remedy I've heard of and I constantly feel nauseous, all day long. I am now the proud owner of a prescription for Phenergan. In a way I feel like I'm trading one thing for another, as it makes me very tired and slightly loopy, but it is just so nice to have a break from the vomiting, etc. that I'll take it. I just don't understand why this pregnancy has been so different from the others.

Other than the sickness, not too much has been going on. I've been going to sleep at about 8pm, and I work all during the day. That has remained somewhat stressful. My supervisor was giving me a very hard time a few weeks ago, but she seems to have lightened up lately. I don't mind the occasional bit of constructive criticism, but I do mind being scolded as if I'm a child, and being held to different standards than my coworkers. I think I was just the person to pick on that day, but it was a really crummy day.

I am very excited for my doctor's appointment on the 25th. Hopefully I will get assurance that everything is ok, and get a due date. Also on the 25th my parents arrive! And it's my dad's 55th birthday! Lots of excitement coming up. In the meantime I'll be planning a Thanksgiving meal for 17 while trying not to think about food . . . tricky.

Well, it's past my bedtime so I'll chat more next week!

~ Stephanie

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