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Week 8
~ A Photo and a Date

I had my first doctor appointment on the 26th, and everything looks great! The doctor saw the heartbeat, and just one baby, which makes me quite pleased. With how sick I've been I've gotten a lot of teasing about maybe having twins. Although twins are cute, I'm 5'1'' and I think I would explode. They said I was 8 weeks, 4 days, which makes my due date July 4th. It did push me back a couple of days from what I thought, but I'm just happy that the baby is OK. And I have a cute little ultrasound picture to show off. How often can you show people creepy pictures of your uterus? I'm loving it.

I'm not really sure what I think of my new OB. My doctor's appointment was rescheduled twice, which irritated me a bit. I understood once, but the second time I was a little aggravated. I'm not sure if this is something that would happen frequently. I guess I'll have to see. The doctor that I saw on Wednesday is the only one at this office. I had met with her nurse before, but never with her. I had chosen this office because there is a female doctor, and it is not mandatory that you see a different person each time, like every other office I contacted. I'm just not sure if I like her. She was definitely nice, but whenever I or my husband asked a question we were cut off. I heard a lot about her other patients (never any specifics about who they are, obviously, just anecdotes), and a lot about how long she's been doing this (25 years) but very little useful information. I realize I've done this before, but it has been four years since the last time. Maybe I'll see how it goes at next month's visit. I think I just had such a great OB and practice for Jeffery and Owen that I got spoiled and didn't know it.

My parents have been visiting for the past few days, and it's been wonderful. Thanksgiving was great; I had 16 people here. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my mom. Today is the last full day they are here. My mom and I went shopping, and ever since she's been cooking big batches of turkey noodle soup to freeze. I love my folks. I felt great for the holiday, but pretty terrible today.

In other news, my poor three year old was very sick over the weekend. On Sunday he gave me a hug and I thought he felt hot. I took his temp and it was 104.7! We took him to the doctor, who said other than the fever he was fine, and to keep giving him Motrin. On Monday at one point it was 106, but it never got higher. I don't know that I've ever been so scared. His fever broke over Monday night, and Tuesday he was fine and has been since. However, Jeffery has had a fever since then, but not nearly as high. More of in the 100-101.5 range.

Tomorrow morning I say bye to my parents and then have two days to recuperate before going to work Monday. I plan on becoming one with the recliner as much as possible. I'll check in next week!

~ Stephanie

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