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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

Introduction ~ October 20, 2003
~ Meet Susan

Susan and SusannaHello! My name is Susan and I am a few weeks shy of 33 years old. I am a stay at home mom to my three year old daughter Susanna. I am married to Mike, a software developer. We met when we were just teenagers, began dating a year later and married six years ago.

I am a life-long lover of books, which led to my studying Russian literature in college and grad school, with the goal of becoming a college professor. Unfortunately, the most important lesson learned during my master's program was that while I love teaching and reading, I loathe research and academic life. So I began working as an editor for a small publishing company, a position that was only bearable due to the presence of a good friend, who was also my boss and a fellow Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I continued to work thought my pregnancy with Susanna, eventually switching to working primarily from home. When I was no longer there to distract him with talk of campy television shows, my boss had no choice but to take a better position in another company. My job became less and less bearable, as my only supervisor at this point was very opposed to my working from home. With great relief, I finally resigned and became a stay at home mom. I have never looked back.

We originally hoped to have our children two to three years apart, but circumstances intervened, as they so often do. We had been very fortunate to conceive Susanna easily, after three or four cycles of trying. When we were finally ready to begin trying to conceive number two, we were shocked and thrilled to find ourselves pregnant after our very first try. Unfortunately that pregnancy was not meant to be, and I miscarried a few short weeks later. We took a little time off to recover, then began trying again. I conceived this pregnancy in July of 2003 and am due approximately April 1, 2004. So our daughter will be just over four when her new brother or sister joins us.

I look forward to sharing my pregnancy and birth with you!

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