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Week 17 ~ November 2, 2003
~ Improving the Diet

I had my first moment of true, "How will I ever handle two children?" panic this week. My daughter came down with a stomach flu. Why do these things always strike in the middle of the night? She couldn't sleep all night, so of course neither could I. She was terribly sick and clingy the next day, crying if I left her just to go to the bathroom. Several times I thought quite seriously about how I would handle a day like that with a newborn around. I have no idea! Yet my mom managed to nurse three children through numerous flus, colds and even the chicken pox, so why am I such a wimp? I know women who handle a large brood of kids with grace, patience and kindness. I very much hope I can be one of them. We want a large family, with four children if time and fate allow. In the meantime, I feel very blessed with the one and a third children I have right now.

I meant to talk this week about my dramatic efforts to improve my diet, but since I just ate a lunch that consisted of vegetarian chicken nuggets and tater tots, you can see that it isn't going well. My diet has been absolutely terrible this pregnancy. For the first trimester, I basically lived on bagels with cream cheese. Now I find I can eat more foods, but I still have an aversion to vegetables. I've been trying to slowly improve, adding more vegetables and protein to my diet. I think that a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can control during pregnancy, so I've been feeling a lot of guilt over my starch and cheese diet.

I'm working on it, though. I made trail mix for myself to carry with me when we're out and I need a snack. I find that the sweetness of the dried fruit and the salty crunch of the seeds and nuts helps divert my cravings for junk food. Unfortunately my daughter keeps finding the bag and eating all of the raisins, banana chips and cashew nuts, so my trail mix is a little blander than I intended. Today I bought some frozen fruit and yogurt to make smoothies with. I'm hoping that I'll be able to content myself with these healthy snacks to stop me from stealing the enormous amount of Halloween candy that Susanna has been accumulating every day.

On the positive side, my cravings for meat have finally abated. I've been predominately a vegetarian for the past eight years, eating fish once or twice a month at most and no meat or fowl. But in early pregnancy, I find myself desperately craving chicken. I actually caved in twice this pregnancy and had some chicken noodle soup, but now that urge is thankfully gone. I've gotten some excellent diet advice from a book called Your Vegetarian Pregnancy. It has helped encourage me to continue to exclude meat from my diet in a healthy way. Now if I could only follow through with all of my good eating plans!

Otherwise things are going well this week. I'm feeling more movement every day. My headaches have lessened. I'm feeling a fair bit of thigh and pelvic pain, but I'm hoping that the prenatal yoga video I'm planning to buy will help with that. Exercise is another thing I haven't gotten enough of. It seems like after a day spent playing with Susanna, accompanying her to the park or out on walks, I just don't have the energy to do anything else. I find that I get physically tired very quickly. Spending the afternoon at the amusement park or zoo leaves me exhausted. I hope that the yoga will help with aches and pains, give me a little more strength and maybe even prepare me a bit for birth.

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