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Week 19 ~ November 14, 2003
~ Wardrobe Woes!

When my daughter was born, I carefully saved all of my maternity clothes for a future pregnancy. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I would first trade the warm California coast for a midwest winter! My selection of sundresses and short-sleeve t-shirts is definitely not enough to get me through the next few months. I've had to venture forth to look for some new things. Maternity clothes have come a long way in the last few years and are now very trendy and hip. I, however, am neither trendy nor hip. I don't want tight low-rider jeans, form-fitting tops and funky paisley prints. I don't dress fashionably when I'm not pregnant, so I certainly don't want to begin following the latest trends now! And I'm far too frugal (all right, cheap) to pay $30 or more for a shirt that I'll only wear for another few months. I did manage to find a nice, plain blue shirt on sale at Penney's. This brings my current number of weather-appropriate shirts to three. Two of which are actually my husband's shirts, appropriated (all right, stolen) from his closet. I put on my winter coat for the first time this week and discovered that I probably won't be able to button it in another month or so. I hate the idea of buying a new coat just for one season, but I don't see how I'll survive playing outside with Susanna in the winter without one.

But much to my delight, I have discovered that there is a large maternity consignment shop about half an hour from me, and have great hopes of finding less expensive items there. It's in the tonier suburban area, though, so it may feature lots of clothes that are completely not my style (best described as aging hippy, I'm afraid.) But even if I fail to expand my wardrobe, the store is located near Whole Foods, so I can expand my waistline instead.

Thinking over the past week's symptoms, I realized that I am experiencing that middle trimester honeymoon. Physically, this is probably the best I've felt since getting pregnant. My nausea is a distant memory, my daily headaches have dropped to one or two a week. I have a lovely, definitely pregnant look about me, but I'm not so big that moving around and sleeping are difficult. The only new problem to crop up is reflux, which I experienced throughout the third trimester with my daughter. I'm hoping that my struggles to improve my diet will help with the reflux as well. I'm sure the fewer late-night root beer floats I indulge in, the better!

Emotionally, however, I am still having problems. I get upset easily, cry (very unusual for me) and have difficulty taking things in stride. I'm less patient with everyone around me and easily frustrated. I'm not sure what the solution is for this other than trying to recognize that my emotions are being exaggerated by hormones and working on not overreacting to things. I've been counting to 10 a lot (or 20, or possibly 100) before responding to things that have upset me. I feel better when Susanna and I play outside or take walks, but the weather is starting to interfere with that. Between the early darkness and the sense of being trapped inside, I guess we're just going a little stir-crazy together. It's not even Winter yet, and already I'm looking forward to Spring!

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