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Week 20 ~ November 23, 2003
~ Halfway there!

I can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy already! The second trimester is really flying by. This feels like a good time to take stock and see how I'm doing with this pregnancy.

~ Physically: I'm feeling pretty good. Some aches and pains, some reflux. Unfortunately I'm also having some insomnia, which I remember being a big problem during the third trimester with my daughter. It wouldn't be so bad if only late night television didn't consist entirely of infomercials and terrifying shows on the Discovery Health channel about high-risk pregnancies and dangerous birth scenarios. They try to make each show like an episode of ER, with dramatic fast cuts and tense voiceovers. Sometimes it's just silly how hard they try to escalate the tension: "Even though the baby appears to be absolutely fine, doctors race him to the NICU for careful observation. These first few hours are CRITICAL!" [cue heavy, dramatic music]. And you'd think someone would tell the voiceover guy how to pronounce "meconium" (hint: there's no "r" anywhere in that word.)

~ Emotionally: Still having ups and downs. I think at least some of it must be weather-related. Sunday was a gorgeous day and we spent it outside at the zoo. I felt wonderful all day! Monday it rained all day and I was feeling a little blue again. I need to try and get out as much as I can, and wait impatiently for Spring. I'm looking forward to the winter solstice, so I'll know that every day afterwards we get a little more sunlight.

~ Fear: I'm happy to say that I have very few moments of fear now. This baby is very active and must be positioned right near the front of my belly. I can feel so many strong, healthy movements and it's wonderful to have that constant reassurance. I know that there is still a chance that something could go horribly wrong, but I've relegated that fear to the category of "things we can't think about if we wish to function at all."

~ Diet: Not too bad. I'm still taking too many servings from the bread and chocolate food groups and not enough from the fruit and vegetable groups, unless banana nut bread counts as a fruit. I got a lovely assortment of fruits from the grocery store salad bar yesterday, but my daughter ate them all. At least her diet is going well! She did give me one grape, so that's something. I'm doing well with some of my other diet goals, such as avoiding trans-fats, drinking plenty of water and keeping soda to an occasional, once-a-week treat. I haven't had any caffeine during this pregnancy either, except for small amounts when trying to fend off migraines.

~ Kegels: I remember more often than not, which is a big improvement over my first pregnancy. I hate them, but I'm doing them. The alternative (wetting myself every time I cough or sneeze) is sufficiently grim to keep me motivated.

~ Wardrobe: Slowly improving. I got two new shirts yesterday, and someone kindly e-mailed me to suggest I try Kohl's for inexpensive, non-trendy items. I'll be heading there as soon as I can. I'm already outgrowing one of my maternity shirts. If only this were the 80's, and wearing my husband's oversize shirts could be considered stylish.

All in all, things are looking great. I hope the second half of the pregnancy is as uneventful and quiet as the first half was!

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