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Week 21 ~ November 29, 2003
~ Giving Thanks

We had a lovely but quiet Thanksgiving this year. I made my first ever turkey and happily all turned out well. For the first time in eight years, I actually ate some myself. My commitment to vegetarianism definitely slips while pregnant. Still, one turkey dinner in eight years isn't so bad.

The day left me exhausted, though, something I'm still feeling after 10 hours of sleep. I started the day with my new prenatal yoga video, then cooked, cleaned, ate, cleaned again and went for a walk. It turned out to be a bit too much for me, and I found myself utterly fatigued and feeling Braxton Hicks contractions all evening. Fortunately, Susanna went to bed quietly and on time, allowing me the luxury of a full night's sleep.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some of the things I am most grateful for.

~ My husband. My best friend, my love, a wonderful father and a good person. He's everything I could hope for as a husband and father. And on Black Friday he waited outside Best Buy for three hours in the freezing cold so we could have a new computer, new digital camera and many other new toys!

~My daughter. She's healthy, happy, strong, intelligent, kind and funny. She makes me laugh every day and teaches me enormous lessons in patience and love.

~My baby. I am grateful for everything about this pregnancy. I am grateful that I've never had to suffer through infertility or a high-risk pregnancy. I'm grateful that I've never suffered a late-term loss or stillbirth. I'm grateful that in a few short months I'll be given the joy of a new baby to raise and care for.

~My family. They may not always (or even very often) agree with me, but they always love and support me.

~The women of the StorkNet Attachment Parenting board. For the last four years, I've found friendship, advice, laughs and tears with a wonderful group of women. They have helped me grow as a parent, exposed me to new ideas, encouraged me to follow my own path in parenting and offered gentle suggestions to help me be a better parent.

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