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Week 22 ~ December 5, 2003
~ A Slightly Stressful Midwife Appointment

Mike and I noticed over the weekend that my stomach seemed to have grown a great deal in the last few weeks. I checked for the top of my uterus and it felt much higher than it should be at 22 weeks. Since I had an appointment this week with the midwife, I decided to wait and talk with her about it. If she also felt I was measuring big, Mike and I both agreed that I should have an ultrasound done.

I was weighed as usual when the appointment began and discovered that I've gained eight pounds in the last four weeks, which is more than I'd gained in the previous 18 weeks all together. The midwife began checking for fundal height with her hands as she usually does. She remarked that I was measuring very high and got out the tape measurer. I was measuring 26 weeks along, which is a huge jump from my appointment four weeks ago, when I measured an appropriate 18 weeks. She sent me for an ultrasound right away, suspecting twins. The ultrasound found one healthy baby who is measuring very large surrounded by too much amniotic fluid. She explained that this could be caused by several things, including gestational diabetes or various infections.

And so the testing will begin. I went back the next day for a variety of blood tests to rule out infection, and in two weeks I will have a gestational diabetes screening. In the meantime, I think I am going to try to start the diet recommended for GD - it can't hurt, and if I am producing too much sugar, the earlier I fix my diet the better. So no sugar for me, just in time for the holiday season. Since I'm not noted for my self-control, this could be a difficult adjustment for me!

Of course, like any modern pregnant women, I immediately looked for information online about excessive amniotic fluid, and naturally, I was presented with an array of frightening scenarios. Congenital malformity, placenta abrupta, premature delivery . . . The Internet is both a blessing and a curse when you are seeking medical information. I've decided to stop doing my own research for now and wait for the test results.

The good news is, the baby did look very healthy. The heart and kidneys are functioning, the spine looked good, we saw all the expected parts. We also got a definite look at the gender. Just before the ultrasound, the tech asked my daughter if she thought it was a boy or girl. She said, as she has said for the last two months, "I want a girl, but right now it's a boy." It turns out she was right and we are expecting a boy! Susy J is a bit disappointed, and I think she's hoping for the baby to magically turn into a girl sometime over the next few months.

The baby's size has led to some confusion over my due date. He measured 23 weeks, 6 days. Based on last menstrual period, I was 22 weeks, 4 days. Based on when I'm certain I conceived, I was actually 23 weeks, 1 day. The midwife said she will probably adjust my due date a bit to take this new information into account, so I suppose this entry should be titled Week 23, not 22! Which means that I'm approaching viability, a milestone that I hope will never be tested but which is nevertheless relieving. I can use all the relief I can get while waiting for test results and more information.

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