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Week 32 ~ February 9, 2004
~ First trip to L&D

Well, what can I say about a week that began with a stomach flu, continued with a trip to Labor and Delivery for monitoring, went on to include a snowstorm and finished with a head cold? I feel like I've done nothing this week but lie in bed playing board games with Susy, which wouldn't be so bad except that she's a poor loser, an even worse winner and cheats like crazy unless you watch her like a hawk. Not really my best week ever, but baby and I are both doing well and that's all that matters.

As I said, I had my first trip to L&D this week. I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions with this pregnancy, but this week they really increased in frequency. After 24 hours of getting contractions literally every time I stood up and having them nonstop until I sat down again, I gave in and called my midwife's office. I spoke to a nurse and one of the doctors, both of whom said they thought I was probably fine but wanted me to be checked over in L&D just in case. Fortunately my husband was home that day, and I was able to go by myself instead of having to drag along a reluctant child. After an hour on the monitor confirmed that I only have contractions while standing and a cervical exam confirmed that I'm not showing any signs of going into labor, I was set free. My midwife's advice basically boiled down to, "If standing up gives you contractions, try not to stand up so much." She did say that she realizes how impossible it will be for me to actually rest in the presence of my daughter, but suggested I try to sit down as much as I can. I've been trying with some success. The contractions have lessened slightly, but I still get them every time I stand up, and occasionally while sitting or lying down.

I was frustrated at wasting an afternoon on what I was sure would turn out to be an unnecessary trip and felt a bit silly even going in. However, on the plus side, I now know where the hospital is and how to get to L&D, I got to listen to Lyle Lovett on the drive instead of The Wiggles, and I was given a whole hour to do nothing but lie in a bed reading a book in the middle of the afternoon. Perhaps I should get paranoid more often!

This week was also my daughter's fourth birthday, and I'm feeling very nostalgic and weepy about it. She wanted to watch some video of herself as a baby and I of course was sniffing back tears through the whole tape. I can barely remember that chubby little bald baby, straining so hard just to stand or crawl. Now she's a dancing, whirling, tall and thin beauty who can add small numbers and name more dinosaurs than I can. But just when she seems all grown up, she'll curl up next to me in bed and announce that she can't sleep unless she holds my hand pressed against her chest.

To further my attack of nostalgia, we went through her newborn baby clothes, picked out everything that was not too feminine and washed everything for the baby. Some of the clothes had yellowed a bit, but soaking overnight in Oxi-Clean did wonders for that. Just my little helpful tip of the week.

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