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Susan Michelle's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Susan Michelle

Paul and SusanHi everyone. My name is Susan Michelle, I'm 38 and I've been married to my best friend, Paul, for 12 years. I'm a SAHM and Paul is a Police Officer. We have two beautiful children, Morgan who is four and Shane who is two. Morgan and Shane are both the lights of our lives and both can be quite spirited at times (a wish from my Mom "I hope you have a child just like you someday" ... lol). It can be crazy at times but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

When Shane was nine months old, my OB gave us the green light to start trying to conceive (TTC). Paul and I really didn't think much of it because we conceived Morgan the first month we tried and Shane within six months. Boy, were we wrong! This month is our second anniversary for TTC and just when I wondered if we would ever conceive, we found out we're pregnant with our third child (EDD is May 13, 2006). Words cannot express how happy Paul and I are. In the past few days, there have been many tears of joy shed in our home. I loved being pregnant with both of my children but I took for granted the true miracle. After walking the path of infertility for a bit, I think both Paul and I have learned so much about patience, love and commitment. This journey has brought us together as a couple and as a family. We learned how naïve we were in conceiving our first two children and what a true blessing/miracle conception truly is. I told Paul that I'm even looking forward to every part of pregnancy this time around…even the morning sickness (as much as you can look forward to that).

Tomorrow I will go again to the RE's (reproductive endocrinologist) office for blood work to see what my betas are. Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous but for some reason this time around, I have a calm feeling about this pregnancy and the only time I run into any kind of problem is when I let my mind wander and I think too much about all of the "what if's" and our chemical miscarriage that I had in January of this year. Until tomorrow afternoon, I will be holding my breath a bit and probably cleaning the heck out of our house. Maybe the kids and I will take some special time and go to the park. Another lesson I've learned, slow down and enjoy the little moments with my children, my family. TTC this time around has softened me and made me realize what my Grandma's both meant when they told me "Don't go so fast... stop and smell the flowers...".

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