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Week 14
~ My baby is going to look like a Buffalo wing

It's Saturday and I'm 14 weeks today. Paul and I talked and decided that the kids would stay home for Aunt Barb's funeral today. They did so well at all of the viewings that we didn't want to push it. My cousin, Joyce, would watch the kids and they could stay at my parents and have a good time. I woke up a bit tired but I expected that because I had been pushing myself the last couple of days. I made sure that I ate something for breakfast, rested a bit and then it was back to running around, getting ready for the funeral. Kenn, Karen and I arrived at the funeral home and by that time my stomach was twisting. I forgot to pack crackers and water. Just as I thought that I was going to have to make a quick run to the gas station, I remembered that I put some of those Preggo Pops that I bought from Motherhood Maternity in my glovebox. I pulled one out and put a couple in my pocket just in case. I can't get over how well the suckers help me with my morning sickness. We arrived early so I hung out by the water cooler and had a couple of glasses of water before the service. I sat with my cousin, Cookie, and we just held hands and leaned on each other throughout the service. It was a nice service and it was nice to talk with some of Aunt Barb's friends at the dinner afterwards. She was truly blessed with friends. They are wonderful! I promised the ladies that I would bring the baby back after he/she is born and we could all go out to lunch so that they could meet him/her. They told me how much my Aunt loved me, adored my children. They also said how much this little one meant to Aunt Barb and they wished she had been able to meet him/her. I teared up a bit and told them that she would meet my baby before all of us in Heaven. I told them how she would hold the baby before any of us. I joked about how she'd do anything to be first. We laughed and cried at the same time. I gave them all a great big hug and told them how blessed Aunt Barb was with her friends. I think somewhere along the way, my kids are going to end up with some adopted aunts.

We went home, I played with the kids and we relaxed for a bit. Kenn and Karen picked up Jake and then it was off to the new local mall to walk around Shane started getting cranky. I was quite the silly Mommy and didn't even stop to think that he didn't take a nap today. I also didn't stop to think that I might be overdoing it by going to the mall and walking while carrying Shane 98% of the time. Does that sound familiar to you? If it does, it's because I did that earlier in my pregnancy when we were out with Paula Sue and the girls in October. I can't believe I didn't stop to think that I was already tired from lack of sleep and pushing myself throughout the week. Big lesson learned. I guess I didn't think that I was overdoing it until afterwards when I realized it was too late. Has anyone else ever done that?

I woke up Sunday feeling a bit better but still sluggish. We went to church and then to the pancake breakfast afterwards. By the time the service was over, I could have eaten a horse! They gave you three huge pancakes, sausages and orange juice. I ate my food almost immediately. I had to laugh because the gentleman thought that he didn't serve me because I ate so quickly. It was all you can eat but I decided to decline the second plate because I didn't want to push it. We went home, the kids played for a bit and the Kenn, Karen and Jake packed and drove home. I decided that we weren't going to visit anyone or do anything big today. I started to pack our things because we were going to leave on Monday around lunchtime. I helped Mom do a couple of things and afterwards I stopped and wondered if I might have overdone it again… UGH!

Monday didn't go as planned. I wanted to be on the road around 12-1 p.m. but we didn't get on the road until 3 p.m.! The kids were having such a good time helping my Dad rake the leaves and they were begging for us to stay. After a bit, I called them in, cleaned them up and we started home. It was a long drive home raining in some areas but at least the sun was out in some places and it made the journey enjoyable. By the time we got home the kids and I were beat. I think the only one of us that slept the whole time home was the dog. He had the right idea.

I was completely exhausted on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think that being on the go and all of the stress finally hit me. There's so much to do but if I don't take it easy I'm going to be in trouble. I have a new craving and all I want to eat is Buffalo wings. I think my baby might come out looking like a Buffalo wing.

Paul and I woke up on Thursday and had to get the kids ready for preschool and make Mac and Cheese for Shane's Thanksgiving Feast at school. All of a sudden the thought of Mac and Cheese made me sick. Paul jumped in and made it for me; he even drove the kids to school so that I could do a couple of things around the house. I went to the Thanksgiving Feast with Shane's class at 10 a.m. and had a great time! It was funny because the teacher gave the kids whipped cream to play with in the table at the end and it was sweet watching the kids. Some of them would just gently touch the whipped cream where others, like my son, smashed into it. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a request in our home yet.

After preschool, Paul and I picked up the kids and all of us went to Toys R Us to walk around for a bit before my Midwife appointment in the afternoon. It was going to be fun because this is the first appointment that Paul and the kids went to. The kids were so excited to hear the heartbeat. Cheri, my Midwife, came in the room and was surprised to see me. She asked if everything was okay since she had just seen me two weeks ago. I laughed and said that I had questioned the appointment when it was being made but the ladies said that Cheri had it written down. I guess there was a mistake somewhere but it was still nice to have an appointment. We talked about pros and cons of the flu shot, how I was feeling, etc. The baby's heartbeat was in the 160's and everything looked great. We schedule my 3-D ultrasound for December 23. My parents should be here and will be able to go with us. Now, the question is, will this baby cooperate with us and let us know the gender? Time will tell. All I want is a healthy baby. Gender isn't important. It would just be nice to know the gender so that we can prepare. We need to rearrange Morgan or Shane's room, wash clothes, and get the kids used to the idea of what the baby's gender is. Both kids would like a sister for different reasons and, honestly, I'm not sure what gender this baby is. It will be nice to have some time to talk about it to the kids if it's a boy. I know both of them will come around and will love this baby. They already do. They talk/sing to the baby, tickle my tummy, etc. I think when all is said and done; the gender really isn't going to matter to them. They are going to be wonderful siblings.

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