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Susan Michelle's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 15 & 16
~ No One Can Say Our Life Is Dull

The weekend and the beginning of the week went really well. I haven't had morning sickness hardly at all (knock on wood), I've been sleeping a lot better and I have tons of energy. Started off the week by eating whatever I wanted (for once) and cleaning up the house for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday started off normal, I took the kids to preschool ran errands, etc. My brother, Kenn, went in for surgery for his shoulder injury and it was a complete success. The day was looking fantastic until Shane wouldn't take a nap and then fell asleep around 3:15 p.m. If Shane takes a nap at 3:01 p.m. or later it's a known fact that he will be up until at least 10-11 p.m. that particular night. Understandably, Shane was bouncing off of the walls by 9 p.m. and Morgan was riding the wave of energy that Shane produced. I decided to put in some tapes of Christmas movies to calm the mood a bit. It worked at first but then Shane wanted to sit on the back of the couch. I immediately told him to get down and sit properly. He did. He then crawled into my arms and we watched Rudolph together. Morgan fell asleep. It seemed like he was going to go to sleep but then all of a sudden, he jumped up on the arm of the couch joking around. I put out my arms and asked him to get down and he pushed off my hands, lost his balance, fell backwards, and hit the back of his head on the end table. I held my breath, he sat up but then fell backwards doing a flip and I tried to catch him. He hit the left side of his head from his temple to right above the back of his ear and started screaming. I felt horrible! I tried to catch him twice and missed. He started to shake violently and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His head started to swell like crazy. I gently scooped him up expecting there to be blood everywhere. There wasn't. I talked to him, trying to get a response but all he would do is cling tightly to my shirt and scream. He continued to shake but not as hard (as if he had gotten a chill from going outside) for about 20 minutes. I called the pediatrician to make sure that there wasn't anything I needed to do before I took him to the hospital. I about fell over when the doctor kept asking me if he lost consciousness. He didn't. I told him about the fall and that he was still shaking and wasn't responding to my voice/questions. The doctor's response, "babies/kids cry". If I could have, I would have reached through the phone and knocked the doctor upside his head. I said one or so colorful words in response and then I informed him that I was taking him to the ER because he wasn't acting right. He then responded, "Well, I'm not there, you are. It's up to you." No kidding and we're going! I woke up Morgan, she quickly got dressed and we were on our way. Long story short, the CAT Scan looked fine but Shane had a concussion. I discussed what I needed to watch for with the ER doctor (who was a gem) and we went home around 2-3 a.m.

I woke up on Wednesday every 1 1/2 to 2 hours to check on Shane. I really couldn't sleep well because I was so wound up. Shane seemed to be fine by the afternoon and was playing like normal. I was surprised that I wasn't completely exhausted. If this had been the first trimester, I would have been a goner.

We went to a close friend's house for Thanksgiving and had a great time. It was weird not having to prepare anything (I usually have Thanksgiving at my house with my parents). Everything tasted fantastic! I couldn't get enough turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Yummy! It was nice to have a quiet evening with friends.

I woke up early on Friday thinking that I could get a couple of things done around the house. I was wrong. Shortly after I woke, I heard Shane screaming for me upstairs. I ran upstairs and he had thrown up. I called the pediatrician and set up an appointment thinking that it was the stomach virus that's going around. After he threw up for the third time, I questioned if it were the stomach virus or repercussions from the concussion. After taking him back to the pediatrician's again on Saturday (per the instructions given earlier), we found that it was a combination of both. Shane was getting horrible head aches and couldn't sleep at night. He could only sleep in a sitting position, which meant that both of us slept together on the rocking recliner. I was really starting to get tired because I hadn't had a good night sleep since Monday night.

As soon as Shane started to feel better, I started to feel sick along with Morgan. I didn't get it that bad but poor Morgan was sick as a dog. Paul was lucky and ended up not getting the virus. It was really hard because Paul was working a crazy schedule and overtime and I had no back up.

Monday also brought some horrible family news that's a bit too personal to discuss here. Let's just leave it that I couldn't sleep and I was so stressed out that I was throwing up constantly throughout the week. My mouth started to feel really dry and I was completely exhausted. On Friday, I made an appointment with my midwife, Cheri, and I was dehydrated. She was concerned about the dehydration and the lack of sleep. I was to make sure that I was drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (one glass being Gatorade, which I can't stand). She also told me to take Unisom before bedtime to help me sleep and it also helps you stop throwing up. Didn't know that, learned something new. I thank God that my other vitals were perfect (I really couldn't believe that because of all of the stress). The little bean seems to be fine. His/her heartbeat was 164 beats per minute and he/she was swimming around like nothing had happened and/or was wrong. I had no choice, I had to stop caring about the rest of the world/our outside family and start taking better care of this little baby and me (and Paul, Morgan and Shane of course). Weird thing is after telling everyone where I stood; talking with my midwife, I didn't get sick again on Friday and I fell right to sleep. Letting things out does wonders for stress.

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