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Week 18
~ I'm Almost to the Half Way Mark!

Hello week 18! I'm almost to the half way mark! I'm feeling really good this week emotionally and physically. That's a good thing because we have tons of cleaning and preparations that need to be done before Christmas. My parents will be arriving on Thursday, December 22 and Kenn, my brother, and his wife, Karen, will be arriving on Christmas Eve. I was ahead of things until this past weekend and it all went south. No worries, I made up a list of what I have to do in a day to make it work. It's a BIG list.

Tuesday was a crazy day trying to get the kids ready for preschool, running errands, wrapping Christmas gifts before the kids get back from school, etc. I'm running late and things are starting to fall behind. I'll just keep on working the list and, hopefully, I can get things done. Morgan's American Girl doll arrived today and I checked it over and wrapped it up immediately. We're still waiting on Shane's Herbie Pull Back Car and then all will be okay with Christmas. I'm holding my breath a bit on the car because I ordered it from eBay. Only time will tell.

I had my monthly appointment with my OBGYN's office on Thursday and I met with the midwife, Cheri. She's fantastic! I know I keep saying that but it's true. My blood pressure, glucose and protein were fine. I gained one pound since I met with her a couple of weeks ago. She wants to see me gain around four to five pounds by my next visit. That just sounds weird doesn't it!?! She wants me to gain weight. Not something you usually hear from an OB's office. I really don't think that that will be a problem because Christmas is just around the corner and I'm really hungry for all of the special things we make at Christmas (all of which are high in calories but taste so yummy). We talked about the ultrasound that's scheduled for Friday, December 23. I'm just shy of twenty weeks and they shouldn't have a problem telling the gender. I'm a bit nervous about telling the kids because I've heard of two cases recently that they said it was a girl and it was a boy (and vice versa). Cheri said that the ultrasound techs are fantastic and the best in the county and possibly the surrounding counties. Paul and I talked and if the tech is sure of the gender, we'll tell the kids. If not, we'll just tell the kids that they couldn't tell what the gender is. I'm really excited but I'm also a bit nervous. I keep remembering all of the incorrect testing that I had with Morgan and, for some reason; everyone is questioning me about not opting for the amniocentesis because of my age. Paul and I feel that if something is found on the ultrasound, we'll opt for the amniocentesis. If not, we don't want to take the chance that we could lose our baby. It took us two years to successfully conceive this child and I'm just a bit protective. Plus, we feel that every child is a blessing. I know that I'm falling short and I shouldn't let this bother me. I'm usually fine until a day or two before an appointment and then I get nervous. I'm about a week ahead of schedule this time around. Probably because this is such a big deal and I've been waiting for it since we scheduled it around week 10.

It's Friday and I'm really falling behind with cleaning and preparing the house. I'd better get moving because I have less than a week now. I can still get things done; it will just be a little bit crazier now. I can't blame anyone but myself. I procrastinated throughout the week and now it's time to get busy. Maybe this is a good thing. It will keep my mind off of the ultrasound and that can be a good thing.

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