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Weeks 21 & 22
~ Pregnancy, two kids and sickness don't mix well together

Time is just flying by here and I'm already 21 weeks! Saturday night is New Year's Eve and we spent a nice, quiet evening at home. It's funny because before kids, Paul and I would have been out until 3-4 a.m. We would have gone to a local club to dance with friends and then back to someone's house or to a local restaurant for breakfast. This year, we were in bed early and that was fine by me. The only two years I've stayed up to watch the ball drop (after having kids) was in 2000 and 2002. The only reason I was up on those years is because Morgan and Shane were just born and I was up anyway feeding them.

Sunday was a nice day. We spent the day playing board games, reading books, building puzzles and watching movies on TV. I made pork and kraut and it was delicious! This little baby must really love it because I couldn't get enough of it.

The kids have this ongoing cold going on right now. It's not bad enough to keep them home from preschool but they have this cough that continues to concern me. The pediatrician at their well visit said it was fine but as soon as I think it's breaking up/leaving, it's back again. I just wish it would get cold and stay cold so that it would kill of some of these germs that are lingering around.

Tuesday was Paul's birthday and the kids and I picked out cards, bought a cheesecake (Paul's favorite) and made a special dinner. The kids were so excited to help out and it was a really fun day. It was also a bit of a crazy day because it was the first day back to preschool after the holiday break. By Tuesday evening, I'm not sure who was more tired the kids or me. I guess it's back to getting into the swing of a schedule again. Fun, fun.

I did something stupid this week. It started off innocent enough. I went on StorkNet and searched for posts about two vessel cords and also read a written review from an expert. I was fine reading through everything but then I made a mistake. I started reading things on the Internet and it scared the heck out of me! After I got a hold of myself, I realized that some of the so-called facts were incorrect and I posted on my SD Board (on StorkNet) and found comfort in the ladies words of encouragement. I'm really lucky to have such a great group of women to share the journey of pregnancy with. I know I'm generally an old hat at this because it's my third pregnancy but having a two vessel cord is brand new to me and, at times, scary. I'm just going to keep going with the idea that my cup is half full and until I'm told something is wrong, the baby is fine. Remind me of that the next time I'm not so sure, okay?

Saturday, January 7 brought on something special . . .Week 22! Keep the weeks coming! Today was pretty much spent cleaning up for the belated/combined birthday party for Morgan and Shane. If you remember, we had to cancel both parties because everyone ended up getting the stomach virus. I feel really good today. I have energy but I'm not pushing it and the kids are just a blast! They are really trying to help out with the cleaning and although it takes three times longer to do something, it just makes it a bit more special with them helping out. I keep telling Paul that if we teach them now, they'll help out later. I'm hoping that's true but a close friend of mine who's daughter is a teenager said that they end up with selective memory loss. I want to wait to find that out and just enjoy ages 5 and 3.

The birthday party was a blast! Almost everyone came and all of the kids played really well together. Not too bad with eight kids running around and four babies. Even Bo, our dog, did really well with all of the craziness. If it became too loud, he'd just sneak under the dining room table for a little nap. It was a really nice day.

Monday into Tuesday brought on another cold with both kids. I spoke to all of the parents and a couple of the kids that were there were also sick so I guess we really don't know where things started. Tis' the season. I've always told my kids to share and I guess they decided that they would share their colds with me because by Wednesday, I had it full blast. Now that's one thing I wouldn't have minded them not sharing. The entire week was pretty much spent with me holding kids, running to the bathroom and praying for sleep, which I really didn't get until the end of the week. I hate to see the kids sick. It just breaks my heart when they aren't themselves and are just lying around comatose. Luckily, Paul hasn't felt as if he's getting sick. I tried to keep the kids and myself as far away from him as possible, washing hands at all times, using Lysol everywhere. The big lesson learned this week was pregnancy; two kids and sickness don't mix well together.

Thursday was my monthly visit to the OB/midwife. It was a really nice visit. Cheri, my midwife, reviewed the findings on the ultrasound and we talked about the two-vessel cord. Everything looked perfect and it was just nice to hear everything from Cheri. She has this special way of making you feel that everything is fine. Don't get me wrong; she doesn't sugar coat things (she's straight forward) but she just has this calming presence that makes you feel warm and at ease. The baby's heartbeat (which I always love to hear) was around 160 beats per minute. All the other general things they look at were fine with the exception that my blood pressure was up a point or two but since I'd been sick, busy taking care of kids that was to be expected. I followed through with my weight gain (remember I was supposed to gain four or five pounds from my last appointment). Anyway, I gained four pounds! That makes my grand total five pounds so far. I did find out one thing, I wasn't counting my weeks right. Cheri said that my week changes on a Thursday (meaning today I'm really 23 weeks instead of 22). I thought it didn't change until Saturday. I guess I change my entries so that I write them when my week changes (on Thursday instead of Saturday). Anyway, no worries. Just waiting around now for next week and my 24-week follow up ultrasound. I guess what they will do now is compare the baby's weight each month via ultrasound. The doctors want to make sure that because the baby only has one vessel, that he's getting enough food and growing properly. Here's hoping that everything goes to plan and that this little guy continues to grow on schedule. I know he's a strong little bugger because he's constantly moving and kicking and as the weeks roll by, it's happening more and more. Words cannot express how happy it makes me to feel this little one inside of me. Now talk to me around 35 weeks or so and let's see if I feel the same way after being kicked constantly for a few more weeks…{{WINK}}.

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