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Week 25
~ Spending quality time with Morgan and Shane

It's Week 25! I'm feeling really good emotionally and energy-wise and that's a good thing. My parents decided to make a short trip out our way. Dad wants to go to a colonial gun show this weekend and asked Paul if he would like to go with him. My Mom said since Dad is going to be so close, she would tag along and come and visit with the kids and me. They decided to come in on Friday and leave on Sunday after church/lunch. It really worked out that they are coming out because our washer and dryer are on their last leg and we bought my Aunt Barb's washer from my cousin. I've been pacing myself and cleaning up. The house isn't too bad; I just understandably have tons of laundry to do. I separated everything out, pulled out what we needed, washed it and put the rest aside until we put in the new washer and purchased a dryer this weekend.

Morgan had her evaluation at preschool recently and I spoke with the teacher about some of Morgan's enunciation on letters like "F". She agreed that we should have her evaluated and gave me the information needed. I called immediately and spoke with a lady who set up an appointment for late March. I was hoping to get in sometime in February but I'll take what we can get. We lucked out and received a call at 12:30 p.m. asking if we could make it to an appointment at 2:00 p.m. the same day. No problem. Paul and I picked up the kids at preschool and headed to the appointment. Shane fell asleep while we were driving (typical thing because he gets tired at preschool). Paul stayed in the car with Shane and I took Morgan to her appointment. The ladies were wonderful. They did a preliminary evaluation and felt that she needed to be tested. They had some extra time in between appointments and we talked and I signed off on them testing her right then and there to save some time.

Morgan did fantastic with all of the testing but what we found out was that she has problems pronouncing "F", "K", and "G". The lady who was evaluating Morgan said that she hasn't had a child with her sentence structure in 3-5 years. I asked what they thought about her going to kindergarten this year (if she were ready and, if not, what we should work on). They said she was ready and to just keep working with her on writing her name (she still clamps/grabs her pencil instead of pinching the pencil). We are also supposed to work on her knowing her letters. There are a couple that she gets mixed up but, honestly, some of the letters she said she didn't know, she did. I think that's because the testing was so long (1.5-2 hours), she was getting tired.

I was given information about additional insurance for Morgan (since she qualified for help), paperwork for her preschool teacher to fill out and return. We scheduled an appointment to have her IEP evaluation at the end of February. After we review everything and discuss the findings, we will pick a day and time once a week for her to start speech. I'm so glad that we are starting this now instead of when she starts school. I'm hoping that she will be a bit on her way before school even starts. The pace that we go is 100% up to Morgan.

Mom and Dad arrived on Friday. Paul and Dad headed out to the colonial show for the day. Mom and I headed out shopping and just spent the day together. We had a really nice weekend together. Unfortunately, we received a call from my brother, Kenn. He is an Assistant General Manager at a restaurant and he lost his job. Since he (and his wife, Karen) would like to relocate to Pennsylvania, he asked if I could help him with a few things. Mom and Dad ended up staying another night and leaving on Monday morning. They headed down Kenn's way to drive him back to Pittsburgh so that he could pick up his new. They will be needing two cars now that he will be driving all over the place looking for a new job.

I'm really excited because we picked out a dryer. I also picked out a new freezer (not a super big one) because in between everything, that malfunctioned and broke too. When it rains, it pours. I'm excited about getting three new (much needed) appliances but we put two of the three on the Sears credit card. It has to be paid off in a year. I know that it's interest free for the year but anything like that makes me nervous.

Over the weekend, I was back to not sleeping again and it followed through the rest of the week. Monday was crazy. It's always hard when my parents leave. The kids were a mess and Morgan is now questioning why my parents can't move closer. Shane just cries and when they leave the next few days aren't filled with a lot of cleaning or work around the house. I usually plan something special for the kids and I to do to take their minds off of things. Morgan had a play date scheduled with a friend from preschool. I dropped her off and took Shane out for a special day (well a few hours) with just us. We stopped and bought him some new shoes. I know that sounds like it's not a big deal but this little boy loves shoes (even more than his sister). We couldn't do too much more because Paul had to leave early for work, and I had to get back home because the dryer and freezer still weren't delivered.

The station altered Paul's schedule because he had to go to Philadelphia on Tuesday for a trial. It was really weird that Paul was going in so early because we are finally getting used to the new work schedule. Not much happened for the rest of the week. I'm learning to pace myself, what I do and I'm really good and have energy. It's funny because this isn't my first child and this seems to be a lesson I have to relearn each pregnancy journey. I made up a list of "things to do" because I know that the third trimester is around the corner and I'm going to start to get tired again. We have to start preparing more for the baby. I can't believe how fast time is flying. Time seemed to stand still when I was pregnant with Morgan. It's different with two because I'm so busy with the kids and their activities, etc.

The kids and I played a bunch of board games on Wednesday and did some crafts. I'm trying to spend as much quality time with them now because I know that things will change when the baby gets here. I know that it won't be too bad because I always included Morgan in on the new routine with Shane and she was fine. It's just that our normal day will be out the window and we will have to figure out a new schedule along the way. No worries. At least we will have some readjustment at the end of preschool into summer. Kindergarten combined with preschool is going to be new for me this fall. I think that that's when having three children is going to be a bit of a challenge. We'll see soon enough. I'm hoping that Morgan gets morning kindergarten because that would work perfectly with our schedule and Morgan would get to see Paul for about 3-4 hours a day compared to maybe 1-2 hours. I think I'll write a letter when I turn in all of the information. I'm told that we don't have a choice but I'm hoping that the letter will sway them to letting us have morning kindergarten. The school has registration scheduled for March 7 so I'll learn more of what's what then. I can't believe my baby is going to kindergarten in the fall. Where is the time going?

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