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Week 26
~ Will we ever agree and/or pick out a name for this little boy?

It's Thursday and I can't believe I'm 26 weeks! I'm feeling fantastic and I have lots of energy. The only problem I've been having is with my sciatic nerve. I never had any problems with it for my first two pregnancies but boy am I making up for it this time around. Here's hoping that it doesn't stick around for the entire.

We've been discussing names again and we're still not completely agreeing on names. We both like Aidan but that particular name is so popular right now that we're not sure about using it. It's such a beautiful name but we don't want ten Aidan's in our son's class. We both like Devon and Dylan so they are both possibilities. Paul doesn't like the name Maxwell (Max) right now, although it was initially one of his favorites. Troy sounds too "1980's" to Paul. He thinks that Tristan sounds like a girlie name. I could go on and on. I just wonder if we'll ever agree although he's starting to talk more about names so that's a good sign. Usually, when we first start talking about names, Paul will find something wrong with every name on the list even the names that he initially put there (we started off with over 25 names). After a while, a couple of names start to warm up to Paul and then we'll start to figure it out. Shane's favorite name is Thomas (Thomas and the Tank Engine) and Morgan's favorite name is Aidan (the prince from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus). I had to laugh because a while ago, Morgan and Shane told Paul and me that we don't need to look any further for a name for the baby; they like Aidan Thomas. I stopped, looked at Paul and we wrote it down. It actually is really nice. We told the kids that it was beautiful and we would take it into consideration but they need to remember that the final decision is up to us (Paul and me). It's our first gift that we give our child. They smiled and said to keep it in mind. Too cute.

The baby is kicking so much more that I feel like a soccer ball. Morgan was talking with the baby and put her cheek gently on my stomach and the baby kicked her. It was so funny! Morgan was a bit startled and then laughed and tapped my belly gently and said, "Stop that little man." The kids are just so precious lately. They are constantly talking, singing, reading to the baby. Shane keeps putting his hand and cheek on my belly hoping that the baby will kick him too. I can't wait until the baby does because he's going to be really sweet . . . it'll probably startle him. This little one already knows who his big sister and big brother are. He'll start to move and/or kick when he's awake and hears them talking. It does the heart good and I get all mushy when it happens.

The Super Bowl was fantastic! I'm born and bred in Pittsburgh so I guess you know whom I was cheering for. It was such a wonderful time with the kids and they had loved watching the game. It was sort of a real sentimental thing for me because my Aunt Barb and I would watch games together and it reminded me of so many precious memories. I could almost hear her screaming at the Steelers when they messed up, made a touchdown, etc. With her passing away this year, it was just fitting that they won the Super Bowl. My kids are still singing the Steeler Fight Song (especially when they see someone while we're out that's wearing a Steeler tee shirt/sweat shirt). Let's just say that they have turned a few heads considering where we live is not in Steeler Country.

Paul and I have been saving money for things for the baby. We need to get a new infant seat, stroller, and high chair. We thought that we were doing really well until we figured out that we had to buy Morgan a new car seat (her car seat was set to expire in March). We ended up getting her a Britax, which she absolutely loves. Shane's car seat malfunctioned and low and behold, we had to get him a car seat also (also a Britax). Let's just say we're not back to square one with our savings but we're set back pretty far. We'll figure it out and, honestly, the only thing that has to be purchased by the time the baby gets here is the car seat.

By the end of the week, I started slowing down a bit and took my time doing things like laundry (going up and down two flights of steps). I'm hoping that it's just been a busy week and that my energy level keeps up, going strong. We have tons to do before I start to lose my steam. We'll see how it goes. Even if I lose some steam, we still have enough time to get all of the little things done. I think we're going to start them a bit earlier than originally planned just to be safe.

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