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Week 27
~ Am I out of shape or???

... is this how my body is reacting to pregnancy because I'm getting older?

I'm 27 weeks and my wish didn't come true. What was my wish you ask? That I would carryover feeling good and wouldn't start getting into the normal tired, ouchy feeling that going into the third trimester brings. My sciatic nerve is hurting more than before and I'm feeling stiff which is also a new one for me. I sometimes wonder if these feelings are just "normal" or if it's because I'm 39 years old and my body is reacting differently this time around. Paul and I have talked about having one more after we have this little guy but I'm seriously starting to wonder if that's a good idea. I'm really starting to have a hard time just getting up and moving this time around, and I never felt this way before. Who knows what we will decide. Honestly, if we are able, my biggest stipulation is going to be that I'm in much better shape next time around.

This week was pretty much filled up with trying to push through the sciatic pain, doing tons of errands, preschool, sick kiddos, etc. It's amazing to me how fast time is going this pregnancy. I know it's because I'm so busy this time around and I'm glad for that. The kids keep me busy and it's a "good" kind of busy. Paul and I are looking into which infant car seat we want to purchase. I'm not sure right now. Graco has a car seat that is for 22 pounds and 28 inches and one that's for 30 pounds 32 inches. The first one (22 pounds) is about $50 cheaper than the 30 pound car seat but I wonder if we shouldn't spend the extra money because I'll be able to carry the baby in it for an entire year whereas both Morgan and Shane were out of the 22 pound car seat around 6-8 months. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know please.

I had my monthly appointment with my midwife, Cheri on February 9 and all is going well. The baby had a heartbeat around 150 beats per minute. I've gained a total of seven pounds so far (keep in mind I started off a bit chunky). The only bad thing that happened was that my protein was up a bit. Cheri thinks it was because I didn't drink as much water as I should have the day before and I didn't have any water that morning (I was running behind and just forgot). She didn't seem to be too concerned because my blood pressure and everything else looked great. The wild thing is that I'm measuring at 30 weeks! I thought my tummy was bigger this time around and now I know it. We discussed how my sciatic has been acting up. She was surprised that I didn't have these pains with my first two pregnancies. I'm glad I didn't.

That's about it for this week. I've been trying to learn to stretch more and have dusted off my yoga pregnancy tape (I think that will help me). I've also learned that warm baths help. Our bathtub is just the perfect length that I can stretch my legs in tub and it takes away the pain. Now worries though. If this is the worst that I have throughout my pregnancy, I'm lucky.

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