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Week 28
~ Last road trip before the baby arrives

I'm so excited that Week 28 is here because that means that we get another ultrasound to check our baby and make sure that everything is measuring properly with the two-vessel cord. As usual, I was a bit nervous about a day before going to the appointment but after I was there, I relaxed and everything was fine. I think I was also a bit nervous because the specialist I had been meeting with was activated and was sent to help out with the war. I was comfortable with him and we understood each other. It was also another reminder about the war. We have close friends serving (my cousin's boyfriend was wounded and is now back in the states). It really made me stop and wonder how many people just go along with their day to day activities and don't even think about the men and women serving. What they are doing for us, sacrificing for all of us. I pray he's going to be safe.

Dr. M was really nice and we talked about my first two ultrasounds and I immediately felt comfortable with him also. The baby is doing great! He's measuring over two pounds now and is over the 50-60 percentile for his size. All of his organs are looking great and the Dr. B said that the blood flow looked fantastic! The baby has what he referred to as a "great blood flow in both the vessel and the artery". As a matter of a fact, he made me blush a bit (which is unusual . . . I don't usually blush over anything) when he pulled up a picture and was excited and said to me "Look we even have flow to the penis. . . your little boy is having quite the erection . . ." After he said that, he looked at me and said, "It's nothing to blush about . . . this is good". I told him that it's fantastic but it just took me back a bit (I wasn't expecting him to say that). I teased him that it wasn't every day that a doctor told a pregnant woman that her innocent baby boy (who is inside of her at the moment) is having an erection. Funny thing was, as soon I as told him this, the nurse laughed and Dr. M blushed.

On Saturday I kicked it into over drive trying to get the house clean before the kids and I took our last trip back to see my parents. The OB and midwife both agreed that I could take my last trip (just the two kids, dog and me) sometime before the beginning of March. I wanted to leave the house looking decent and wanted to have all of the laundry done because I knew that after I drove back, I was going to be tired. Plus, the kids have a hard time leaving my parents and it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things. It's so nice to have our new washer and dryer. In between everything, I was able to do a few loads and it took a 1/3 of the time that it would have before we bought the new machines. Buying our new washer and dryer was the best investment in a long time. Paul laughed at me because I was getting excited about two appliances but later admitted that he didn't mind doing the laundry now because of how easy it was. I laughed to myself and silently thought "VERY nice, now he can help out with the laundry".

I woke up early Sunday morning with horrible leg cramps. I had forgotten how much they could hurt. I tried stretching my leg out in bed but it didn't work. I had to get out of bed and walk. It was a bit difficult considering Shane and Morgan both were in bed with me (we were having a sleepover . . . Paul was working). I've been trying to eat more bananas and I'm hoping that the leg cramps don't stick around long although after thinking about it, I remember that they were "here to stay" in the third trimester with both of my previous pregnancies.

Monday was errand day. I ran around, paid bills, food shopped for Paul, etc. The kids and I made a few quick things that would hold Paul over until we returned. Plus, we bought a few TV dinners he likes. Morgan and Shane went to have their hair cut and it was fun. This is the first time in over six months that Morgan wanted to have a trim. Her hair is 3/4 down her back and she wants it to "hit her butt" by the end of the year. Shane didn't do too well at his last appointment (new stylist) and I was a bit concerned that he wouldn't let Lisa (the lady that normally cuts his hair) touch his hair. I was wrong. As soon as they saw Lisa, they ran up to her and gave her hugs. Lisa was out for about two months or so with surgery and had just returned. It's funny how kids can be such creatures of habit. Morgan later admitted that she was waiting for Lisa to come back and Shane said, "Ms. Lisa is the best". We returned home and I finished the rest of the laundry by the end of the night, folded everything but was so tired that I wasn't able to put everything away. I thought to myself that everything would be fine and I would finish tomorrow while the kids were in preschool, pack, etc. Big mistake.

Tuesday morning was insane to say the least. The kids were so excited about going to Mama and Pap's that they were bouncing off of the walls and it took everything I had to get them up, dressed, fed and out the door. I came home, sat down and had my breakfast. Afterwards, I started putting all of the clothes away thinking to myself that I had plenty of time to finish putting things away, pack, etc. I was wrong. At every turn I was interrupted by tons of phone calls, finding that the kids had moved some of the things that pulled out to take. Bo (our dog) kept barking to go in and out and would come back muddy from head to toe and I'd have to clean him up. Normally, I would have told him that he could just stay in a bit but I wanted to make sure that he "did his business" before going in the car for four hours. It turns out that Bo has a crush on the neighbor dog and Bo wanted to go out to see her and would play and run on his side of the yard, showing off for her (hence why he had tons of mud all over him).

I lost track of time and barely made it to preschool to pick up the kids. We came home and I was just finishing Shane's room. I made the mistake of thinking that we weren't "too far" behind schedule. I went into Morgan's room (which I had already cleaned) and the kids trashed it. I called them into the room and all three of us started cleaning. I put away some more clothes and then went into Shane's room to get something only to find that they trashed Shane's room. I again called them into the room and we cleaned up.

Things also slowed down because the kids were trying to "help me pack" and took things out of their suitcases and put other things in. I could have screamed! I was losing steam and we didn't even start to drive yet. I know that the kids were just excited but geesh of man! Paul ended up taking one of the kids as I packed with the other one and we'd switch. All four of us sat down and had a snack, spent some time together and then we left around 4:30 p.m. (about three hours later than I had planned). The first half of the drive was nice but the last hour was hard. I was tired and it was dark. The kids and I talked quite a bit and played music and sang. It really helped me get through the drive a lot easier. We pulled into my parent's house around 8:15 p.m. We made great time! Dad and I unloaded the car and then I collapsed on the couch in the living room with a nice glass of cold milk and called Paul to let him know that we made it to my parents' house. Mom and I ended up staying up late with the kids because they were bouncing off of the walls with excitement and they finally collapsed around 11:30 p.m. I prayed that they would sleep in a bit so that I could sleep.

Wednesday was wonderful! The kids slept in and I felt so relaxed when I woke up. We didn't do much of anything. We just spent the day together, talking, playing with the kids, etc. It was so nice to not have to run anywhere and to just stay at home. By the end of the day, the kids were settled down and went to bed at a decent hour. Here's hoping for another quiet nights sleep.

What did I learn this week? I was reminded to take it all in stride because even the best of plans can be side tracked. I guess this was just a little glimpse of how things will be after we have this little guy. No worries. It might be a bit stressful at first learning a new schedule, how to juggle things with three kiddos, etc., but in the end I know we'll make it through just fine. Life is surely going to be an adventure, but what a fun adventure it's going to be. It reminded me of that parenting movie with Steve Martin when he talked about life being like a roller coaster with all of the ups/downs, bends, etc. What a fun ride it is and will be.

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