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Week 29
~ Completely rejuvenated, feeling relaxed and that's a good thing

It's Week 29! I'm so excited that Week 29 is here because I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hit the 30th week. Don't ask me why, I'm not sure, I just do. The same thing will happen around the 35th week. I hope that time keeps rolling along for me as quickly as it has in the past few weeks. I'm getting a bit anxious and I want to hold my little guy right now, count his fingers and toes, etc.

The kids and I had a wonderful time at my parents' house. Initially, we had talked about visiting tons of relatives but, in the end, we just spent quiet, quality time together and I felt completely rejuvenated after our visit. We did do different things together but it was just the kids, my parents and I. We went up to The Mills (the new mall by my parents house) twice and just walked around window-shopping. Mom watched the kids at the indoor playground and I was able to shop around for possible sales. Boy did I find one at Children's Place! I bought the baby a couple of different outfits that were dirt-cheap! It always amazes me how I find these deals for the kids and the items are only $3 or so in price and the store is still making a profit. Think of how much they make when the item is full price!

The kids, Bo and I returned home on Monday evening. It was a long drive. We ran into snow but the kids usually keep it interesting lately playing games, talking, singing, etc. We were able to see Paul before he left for work. He helped me unload the car and get the kids settled before leaving which was wonderful. Kenn, my brother, stayed overnight because he had a second interview in the area. He helped Paul move a few things (getting ready for Kenn and Karen to stay with us). We had a light dinner and enjoyed being together because we knew that the craziness would start up again on Tuesday (trying to get back into the swing of things and preparing for Kenn and Karen's move to Lancaster).

Tuesday morning arrived quickly. I felt as if my head had just hit the pillow on Monday night and I had only slept for maybe 2-3 hours when the alarm went off (instead of the entire night). The kids had preschool and I ran errands, put away things, cleaned, etc. In the afternoon, I met with the speech therapist that evaluated Morgan (IEP findings/evaluation). The findings were that Morgan needed help with pronouncing F, K, G. A speech therapist will be calling us within the next ten days to start weekly sessions with Morgan. I sure hope we can start to get a handle on this before kindergarten starts. I'm not looking for her to be able to pronounce everything by that time, I'm just hoping that things are progressing and that she starts to show some kind of progress. I sometimes wonder if some of her words, how she pronounces them, are because of Paul's accent. I heard them talking together both of them pronounced "fish" "feesh". I spoke to the speech therapist that gave the evaluation and she said that it was a good observation. Even if it is, it's now a learned habit and will have to be corrected. I think Morgan will do fine because she loves to learn new things and actually has been correcting herself, trying to annunciate words properly without assistance. The therapist said that this is a good sign.

Things were thrown into over drive because Kenn and Karen would be arriving at our house on Thursday or Friday. This was all happening a lot quicker than we had originally anticipated and I am in no way, shape or form ready for them to be here. I am so lucky that I came back from my visit with my parents feeling refreshed. It's really helping me get through everything and I have extra energy that I'm using and will continue to use. Nesting can be a good thing as for energy but I'm also feeling a bit anxious about getting my entire list completed before they arrive. I really don't think that that is going to happen and it's driving me a bit crazy. I like things in their place, especially now. I think that this is going to be an interesting time. I'm just going to have to accept that not everything is going to be cleaned before they arrive and just go from there. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck.

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