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Week 30
~ I'm nesting BIG time!

Hello Week 30! I set milestones for the pregnancy around this time because I start getting a bit anxious about the baby arriving. My next milestone/goal is 35 weeks. Like I said last week, I seem to be able to breath a little bit better when I hit 30 weeks and whole lot better when I hit 35 weeks.

Friday brought my parents, Kenn, and Karen. They arrived late so I made a late dinner for everyone and we decided to unload the moving truck around 7:30 a.m. That way Paul can help us (he gets off around 7:00 a.m.) and maybe one or two of his buddies will be able to help out. This is the first time that Kenn has moved that I've been pregnant and I can't lift the big things so they are down one person. Plus, Mom is still having problems with her knee replacement surgery so she's out also. Mom watched the kids and I took Dad, Kenn and Karen to the storage garage and met Paul. We were so lucky that Paul's best friend, Gregg, showed up. What would have taken an estimated 2-3 hours (for unloading/organizing) was completed in a mere 45 minutes. I'm pretty good at organizing things in small places, packing, etc., so I was in charge of telling everyone where to put what. It went really smooth. It was really cold outside so by the time we were done, I was a frozen Popsicle. I hope that goes as smoothly when we move them into their apartment.

We returned back to our place and Kenn and Karen brought in their things and organized everything. I made something for lunch and then Mom and Dad headed home so that they could just relax. Mom teased that they were only going to answer the phone if it was our number. They worked so hard helping Kenn and Karen pack their possessions. I just wished that Kenn and Karen had taken the initiative to do it themselves instead of waiting for my parents to get there to do it. I mean let's face it, both Kenn and Karen were off work for about three weeks and everything (or almost everything) could have been packed before my parents arrived. Kenn has to grow up and realize that Mom and Dad aren't able to do as much as they once could. Okay, enough of that, off of my soap box now.

Kenn, Karen, Paul and I went through their list of apartment complexes that they liked and we started driving around looking at them on Saturday. By Monday, we had it down to two places. Unfortunately, neither place worked out so we started checking out private rentals, making calls, etc. I think this is going to be a lot harder than we initially thought. Neither of them knew what to do so I told them I would help out and show one of them what to do, what to ask, etc., and the other could do my dishes (which is what I would have been doing if I wasn't helping them). I know that sounds pretty harsh to some but everyone babies Kenn (and now Karen) and if they don't learn how to do things, they are never going to know how to take care of themselves. I had to twist arms a bit but they finally started helping out a bit. How did I do it? I reminded them that they were staying in my home and if they didn't help out, they could leave. Yes, a bit cold but it worked and there weren't any problems for the rest of the week. Kenn left Monday for his training (10 weeks). Karen found a job and started on Wednesday. She's looking to get a part-time job to help catch up on things, start a savings, etc. She has a few good leads.

I've been feeling really good this week and I'm a bit surprised because we've done a lot. I think it's because I've been pacing myself and it doesn't hurt that I have a wonderful husband that is right there to help me when I need a hand. I'm nesting big time now and the next two weeks will be getting our house back in order and organizing the baby's things. It might be a bit earlier than normal but with extra people in the house, trying to help them find a place by April 1-15, I think it's keeping me focused and sane. One day at a time.

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