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Week 32
~ Starting to wonder if I'll make it to my c-section date

It's Week 32! The beginning of this new week has been nothing more than taking care of the kids and myself. Morgan didn't breakout with blisters within (24) hours as the pediatrician stated so we're guessing that she doesn't have chicken pox but they won't 100% guarantee that so until the breakout goes away, I have to treat it as if she did have chicken pox. Let's just say it's been a fun weekend. Both kids were extremely disappointed about not going to a close friend's birthday party but there's nothing I can do about that. I tried to explain to them why we couldn't go but they just didn't get it and/or want to get it. Shane seemed to be okay with not going within an hour or so. Morgan was upset all night (and for days). Morgan is such a social butterfly. I swear she could have 102-degree temperature and still want to go somewhere. I wish there were some way we could go but without knowing what's definitely going on with Morgan, we can't take any chances.

By Monday her rash was pretty much gone and I called the pediatrician's office and scheduled an appointment to see one of the doctors so that I could obtain a slip stating that she's okay to return to preschool. The secretary at the preschool office wasn't sure if I truly needed one or not but I figure better safe than sorry. We saw one of the pediatrician's and found out that Morgan did not have the chicken pox but an allergic reaction to a bug bite that she received 7-10 days before the breakout. They had a big name for it (can't remember what it is at the moment) but it pretty much states/means that a breakout and/or reaction can occur 7-10 days after an initial bite. I never heard of it before but it was good to know what happened and that she didn't have chicken pox. I know of a few pregnant moms whose children attend preschool that will sleep a bit easier knowing that they weren't exposed.

By mid-week everything was great! We finally found a place for Kenn and Karen to live and they would be moving out on the 29th of the month. It was nice to have Karen here but it will also truly be nice to take back my house and prepare for this little guy to arrive. I should have been a bit more quiet about saying out loud that the week was going great. Shane is acting a bit weird and clingy so I'm wondering if he's heading into another cold.

I've been hanging in there. Braxton Hicks have really been picking up more but I've been able to keep them under control by just stopping what I'm doing and sitting down. If that doesn't work, just laying on my left side and drinking water seems to work within 15 minutes or so. I guess I need to start slowing down even more than I thought last week. Right now that's so hard to do (meaning slowing down a bit) because there's so much to do and I'm starting to nest even more than before. I just wish Paul would stop and realize that we are getting closer to the baby's arrival. This happens every time I'm pregnant. I can tell you what will happen within the next few weeks. He'll keep on procrastinating as usual until something snaps in his head and he realizes that time isn't on our side anymore. I'm not sure why but this happens every pregnancy. It's like he has blinders on until right before (meaning weeks before) the baby is due to arrive. I think he feels that he knows exactly when the baby is due because we'll have a scheduled c-section but what he doesn't seem to "get" is that it's not up to me or even the OB. This little guy is in charge and is going to come whenever he wants to. I'll tell you, with the way I've been feeling, Paul may end up understanding this more than before because I truly question this time around if I'll go full term. Let's just hope the little guy keeps baking for a bit more. Time will tell.

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