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Week 33
~ Scheduled our repeat c-section!

It's Week 33! I'm meeting with my OB, Dr. E, today. It was so nice to see him again. We talked about how my pregnancy was going, what I expected from my c-section, etc. We finalized the date for the c-section. Our little boy will be born on May 4, 2006. I'm expected in to go to the hospital at 12:20 p.m. and the section is scheduled for 2:20 p.m. This day is special because it's my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tom's anniversary. It's been an ongoing joke that I should have our little guy on their anniversary. I'm truly hoping that everything goes as planned and they will get a special call that day. Time will tell.

Early Friday night I started to cramp up a bit and Braxton Hicks started again. It was really different this time around. I was having contractions every ten minutes and they were harder than I've ever had them before. I lay on my left side and drank tons of water. They weren't going away. After I hit over an hour, I called my OB's answer service and asked for a call back. I was starting to get concerned that they weren't subsiding. After another 20 minutes or so they left as quickly as they came. It was about another 25 minutes and Cheri, the midwife, called me. We talked about everything and she told me that I should continue to lie on my left side, drink water and take it easy. If they started up again, I was to call her immediately. She was concerned that they continued after an hour and that they were so strong. If I had any more throughout the weekend, I should call her on Monday and go into the office to have an internal just to make sure that I'm not dilating. I hoped that that wouldn't be an issue. I'm also a bit concerned because I haven't felt the baby move as much lately. I know he's running out of room but I'm going from being kicked constantly to hardly at all.

I was wrong. I had more Braxton Hicks Saturday and Sunday. They weren't as intense and left within an hour. I was a bit concerned that I had them three days in a row for at least an hour each time. I called Cheri first thing on Monday. As soon as I saw Cheri, she gave me a hug and teased me a bit about "causing trouble." She wasn't being horrible, she was just teasing and being herself. She has a way to make the scary times - times that make me nervous - go away. We talked a bit about the weekend and she checked me internally. Everything was closed up tight. Thank you God! I really thought that I might have started to dilate a bit. The one thing that Cheri wanted to follow through with was that the baby wasn't moving as much as usual. My NST (Non-Stress Test) wasn't scheduled until Friday and that wasn't soon enough for Cheri. She scheduled another NST for that afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

I felt so much better that we had a NST scheduled and I drove home. It hit me at 1:00 p.m. that I was forgetting another important thing; Morgan's speech class was at 2:00 p.m. I quickly called her speech teacher and canceled her session. Morgan was so upset with me and told me that refused to go to the appointment with me. We sat down and talked and she seemed to be okay. I felt really bad because she so looks forward to speech and I know that it's really important for her to attend every class she can before she starts Kindergarten.

Karen, my Sister-In-Law, went with the kids and me to the NST. Initially, when they were hooking me up for the NST, I looked over at the machine and the beats per minutes listed as 110! It scared the heck out of me and the RN, Natalie, saw my face and quickly told me that the baby wasn't completely hooked up and it wasn't completely registering. Everything was fine. It took 20-25 minutes to start to get a good reading. The little guy was moving all over the place. Natalie told me that we would need at least 30 minutes straight for a good reading. I tried not to move and hoped that the little guy would cooperate. It was about 20-25 minutes into the reading and Natalie said that they would have to test his reflexes. I wasn't sure what she meant but I soon found out. They take this buzzer and put to my belly and it makes a buzzing sound that's pretty loud and it vibrates. The baby responded great but there was one problem. Natalie forgot to explain completely what was going on and Morgan jumped across the chair at her yelling, "Stop it! No one hurts my baby brother!" Shane was really upset too. Natalie felt so bad. She stopped, bent down and talked to both of the kids. She apologized for scaring them and showed them the buzzer and let them see that it was okay and that she was just "tickling" the baby to see if he responded (or as she put it "was ticklish"). Morgan was fine and asked to feel what it was like and giggled when Natalie put the buzzer to her hand. Shane told her to keep that "thing" away from him. The testing was done and I just had to wait to see Dr. B. Dr. B came in and said everything looked great and that he would see me again on Friday morning (my regular appointment with him).

Mom and Dad arrived on Tuesday. They were coming in for Shane's preschool spring program and to help move Kenn and Karen into their new apartment. We spent Tuesday afternoon moving small things into the apartment and then it was back home for a quick bite to eat and then it was off to Shane's program. I was so thankful that Paul was able to make it. He was working and they gave me some time to just come to the program and leave again. Still he was there and that was so important to Shane. The program was sweet and Shane was adorable. They did something different this year. We all sat around on the floor just like they do everyday in preschool. It's called "circle time." If you want to see something funny, watch a pregnant lady on the floor trying to balance herself and take pictures at the same time. Let's just say it was funny at first but I hurt a bit by the time the program was over. It was worth it just to see Shane sing and dance around the room. He danced around and "worked" the room well. He's such a delight. Morgan had a good time but it was the first time that she went to Shane's program and she wanted to get up and do something to. I reminded her that her program would be within the month. Afterwards, Mom, Dad, Karen, Morgan, Shane and I went to Dairy Queen and then back home again. It was a really nice evening. As I held Shane a bit, he was acting a bit weird again. By the end of the night, he had a runny nose and he wasn't feeling well. I knew he had another cold. After he sneezed right in my face (up my nose) and I thought to myself . . . here we go again. I knew I was going to get sick too.

Shane seemed fine on Wednesday morning (just the sniffles) so went to Kenn and Karen's new apartment and waited for the guys to bring the moving truck. I didn't think when we went there but there was no place to sit so I just plopped down on the floor. It felt good to sit down. That was until I tried to stand up. I twisted myself the wrong way and pulled something really hard. It really hurt! I figured it was nothing and would go away within an hour or two. I was wrong. By the end of the night I was really hurting. I tried to take a warm bath and took some Tylenol but nothing helped. I was in for a long night. Hopefully it will go away in the next few days.

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