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Week 34
~ We FINALLY have a name for this little guy!

It's Week 34! I'm starting to count down the days until we meet this little guy. We've started to talk about names again and, guess what!?!? We FINALLY have a name for this little guy. We decided that we love the names that the kids picked and how they picked them. Morgan's favorite name is Aidan (the Prince from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus) and Shane loves Thomas (Thomas the Tank Engine). Anyway, they put their names together going by the oldest to the youngest (meaning Morgan's name first and then Shane's). Our little boy's name is Aidan Thomas. I looked up Aidan on StorkNet's Name Database and it means "fiery one." I wonder if his name will ring true. I wouldn't be surprised.

This entire week was pretty much me lying around because the muscle I pulled was killing me and to top it off, I got the cold that Shane had and it's horrible! If you stop and think about it, I guess I look pretty funny because I can hardly walk and I feel like my head is four times it's actual size. I'm so congested. It just stinks. I'm soaking for the muscle (using hot and cold) and trying different natural remedies for the cold. I really don't like to take any kind of pills normally, let alone when I'm pregnant. If I keep feeling this way, I think I might breakdown and call my OB's office to find out what I can take.

By Tuesday, my pulled muscle still hurt like heck but the cold seemed like it might be breaking. I was wrong. Paul and I got into an argument about getting things ready for the baby. I usually am in pretty much in control but these pregnancy hormones are in high gear and I cry at the drop of a hat lately. I can't stand that. Right now Paul's nervous about money and when he gets that way, he'll schedule tons of overtime. I'm not complaining that he wants to provide for us. It's just that he's never here, he's not helping me prepare for the baby and there are a couple of things that I can't move because they are too heavy. He had to leave for work and we agreed to talk later that night after the kids were in bed. After he left, I called my parents just to check in. Both of my parents answered so the three of us started to talk. All of a sudden my Mom went off on me about something that's not my fault. It's long and but I just don't understand why I'm being put in the middle of an argument between my Mom and Aunt. My Mom said horrible things about my Aunt, screamed at me and then hung up on me. Dad was still on the line and he tried to talk to me. I was so taken aback by her actions that I lost it all over again and I asked if I could call him back later after I composed myself. I felt bad cutting it short with my Dad because he was trying so hard to talk to me/help me. It took me forever to get a hold of myself. I just couldn't stop crying. It kills me because I'm the person that holds our family together and right now my priority is making it through this pregnancy and to try not to get upset and get thrown into Braxton Hicks constantly. My mom knows that. Why did she do that? She heard my voice. She knew she hurt me. After a while I called my Dad back and we talked. He apologized for my mom's actions but it's not his place to apologize; it's hers. I'm not sure if she will or not. She's a wonderful person but apologizing isn't one of her strong suits. I told Dad that I had to concentrate on taking care of the baby and didn't want to talk to Mom until she was ready to talk, not yell. I wouldn't call her; she could call when she was ready.

I did have a nice lunch with my brother, Kenn, on Tuesday. He was in visiting Karen, my Sister-in-Law, for a few days in between training. We went to the Olive Garden and I had the soup, salad and bread sticks. I could eat their bread sticks 24/7. They are yummy! Kenn went with me to pick up the kids, came back to our place and played with the kids for a bit while I put my feet up. It was nice to have him here. I can't wait until his training is over and we can spend quality time all together. That will be in mid-May. One thing I do need to learn is to let things go. Paul and I talked in the evening and worked out a lot of our disagreements. He said he's nervous and he's just not used to me not being able to help out as much around the house and "forgets" I'm pregnant. It upset me at first but when I stop and look at the situation, I realize that I usually do everything here and I was able to do so much more with both of my previous pregnancies. It's hard for me so it has to be hard for him also. Dad called to check in to see how I was doing in the evening. Mom still wouldn't talk to me. It really upset me and I was up and down all night because of my nerves, the cold and Shane didn't sleep well. It also doesn't help that I have to pee every two seconds. I was so congested that I couldn't lie down or my head would just fill up. I finally fell asleep around 5:00 a.m.!

Paul woke up and took care of the kids and let me sleep. I'm so glad that he did because I was exhausted and I wouldn't have made it through the day otherwise. I thanked him a half a dozen times because he stopped and thought about how I was feeling. We're going to be okay. Unfortunately, I started getting Braxton Hicks big time today. They would subside within an hour but they sure were strong. Also, Aidan hasn't been moving as much as usual (just like last week). My OB sent me for another NST (Non-Stress Test) today just to be safe since Aidan has a two-vessel cord. The nurses gave me a couple of names of the over the counter drugs that I could take for my cold/congestion.

I went to Rite Aid and picked up the drug and then headed to Women & Babies Hospital for my NST. I had to go directly to the hospital because my Perintologist, Dr. B, wasn't in today. The nurse hooked me up and started monitoring Aidan. The first half hour was a bit nerve-wracking because his bpm (beats per minute) were low (for an entire half hour). The nurse was back and forth and after talking with a doctor and they decided that it was either that baby or the machine so we had to run it all over again. Talk about making my heart stop! They had me drink some Ginger Ale and switched monitors. After a bit we started to see some higher bpms. It ended up being the machine that was malfunctioning. I'm having contractions but they aren't consistent enough to pay much mind. I spoke with my midwife, Cheri, and she said to go home, get something to eat/drink and put my feet up for the rest of the night. If the contractions get more consistent, I'm supposed to call her. I think it'll be fine. Oh, she gave me a prescription for my cold because she said I sounded horrible. I'm not one for taking anything but I'm going to this time around. I teased Paul that this little guy sure is letting us know who's in charge. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow but if I have anything to say about it, Aidan can just keep baking a bit longer. Tomorrow brings my regular bi-weekly appointment with my OB and then Friday I will go for my regular scheduled NST. I'm so glad that all of my doctors (and midwife) are proactive. It means the world to me that they listen to me, my concerns and realize that I know my body.

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