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Week 6
~ Hello Morning Sickness

It's Saturday and you know that means?!?! I'm now six weeks pregnant! I'm just still in awe of this precious miracle that I am carrying inside of me. I feel warm all over, my eyes are moist and I'm always smiling for no reason. We've told family and some close friends but, still, I feel like I have this wonderful secret. It just warms my soul.

Today is going to be really fun. We are meeting Paula Sue and her three beautiful girls at a local mall and we're going to go to our favorite store, Disney. We pulled in and the kids asked if we could all walk and not take the stroller. I thought, no problem. What was I smoking!?! We walked in and met Paula Sue and the girls. Everything was going great and then Shane wanted me to carry him. He did ride with Paula Sue's youngest in the stroller for a bit but, all in all, he ended up wanting to be carried 95% of the time. Let's just say that Mommy was REALLY tired by the time we were heading home. I also had to run to the bathroom at the mall because I was getting sick. Hello morning sickness. I was wondering when you were going to come for a visit. Maybe she won't be staying too long. I'll know within the next week or two as to how bad it will be. With Morgan, I didn't get morning sickness until around Week 7 and it stayed with me until I had her. I was sick 7-13 times a day. Not fun. With Shane, I was sick but it subsided in the beginning on my second trimester.

Monday was a great day! Paul watched the kids and I was able to do something that I rarely get to do. I met my close friend, Barb, and Christopher (the newest addition to their family). We went to the Olive Garden for lunch, to have an afternoon without kiddos (well, at least the older kiddos) and for something REALLY important, adult conversation. I ordered Lasagna and salad. It sounded so great because the Lasagna can be a bit spicy at the Olive Garden and that seems to be what I'm craving, anything with a zing to it. Little Christopher slept while we had our salad and woke up right in time for the main course. Barb fed him and I ate and then we switched. I have to admit that when I first took him in my arms that I held my breath a bit. The whole time Paul and I were trying to conceive, it wasn't seeing a pregnant woman that sent me in a tailspin, it was that fresh smell of a newborn. I held him close to me, closed my eyes for a second and took a breath. It was just as I remembered it, that sweet newborn smell. I looked across the table at Barb and it almost brought me to tears because she had always dreamt of having three children and here she was. I silently laughed because she was trying to eat her meal (which was actually hot) as quick as possible. I don't even think she knew how quick she was eating. It was sweet and something that I would soon join her in doing. After having a newborn, a hot meal can be few and far in between. We talked about so many things, nothing, we just sat and I played with Christopher. He's perfect! He looks exactly like his older brother but he has his sister's darker hair color and her complexion. He has the best of both worlds. As I looked at Christopher and his big blue eyes, I wondered what my little one would look like. Would he/she favor Morgan, Shane or maybe a piece of both of them? Guess we have a while to find that out. After dinner, we went to Toys R Us to walk around and check out all the baby items. We laughed at the display they had in the middle of the baby department. Everything matched. You can tell we both have other children (or maybe we're just not too picky) because we both agreed that it really didn't matter if the baby items matched, as long as it's safe and it works, no problem. We both headed home and I played with the kids for a bit and then just chilled for the rest of the night. I was wiped out.

All I wanted to do Monday night was go to bed early but Shane had other plans. He became really sick and both of us were up until 5 a.m. or so. I slept until 6:30 a.m. and then got up to do a few things and get Morgan ready for preschool. I called the Pediatrician and they wanted to see Shane. I dropped Morgan off at preschool and then headed straight to the Pediatrician's office. The doctor looked at Shane and thought that he might have the beginning of croup. I picked up the necessary things and then we headed back to pick up Morgan at preschool. I fixed everyone lunch and then I told the kids that everyone needed to take some personal time. I was ready to fall over and I can't tell you how happy I was that both kids took a nap. Everyone woke up, Paul came home and we ordered out for dinner. Paul teased me that I really haven't had too much morning sickness and if it doesn't happen soon, I might luck out. I asked him if he remembered when I had morning sickness with either child. It started between Week 6 or 7 right where I am now. I told him if he jinxed me, I wasn't going to be happy.

Guess what I started to get full force on Wednesday and Thursday? You guessed it, morning sickness. Along with the morning sickness I'm having more cravings for anything spicy, Mexican, hot. It's funny, because with Morgan I could have lived on Mexican, chilidogs, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. If these cravings keep up and the morning sickness continues, I'm going to start wondering if this little one is a girl. I wonder if other moms of three or more had the same cravings with the same gender child. Probably not, every pregnancy is different. It's fun to compare all three pregnancies. I'm happy to have cravings, even morning sickness this time around. It might not be fun but it means that I'm pregnant and my body is doing what it's supposed to.

I feel like I'm constantly cleaning the house. I'm seriously considering going through the kids' toys again and seeing what they truly play with and what's taking up space. I have to get moving because next week is a big garage sale for our development and I want to join in even if I only have a few items. I can make some money and put it aside for things we need to buy the baby or maternity clothes. We're not going to need tons of things but there are a couple of things that I've loaned out and/or that I borrowed and they are on their last leg.

I can't believe that it's Friday! Time sure if flying by this time. The kids are keeping me on my toes, etc. I sometimes stop and wonder how busy I'll be when this little one arrives. I'm not nervous about taking all three of them out (maybe I should be but I'm not). I'm just wondering how I'll balance schedules for everyone. Guess that's another thing I'll find out. I think I'm going to make up more of a schedule for cleaning, cooking, etc. They had a day for laundry, cooking, etc. It seemed to be really organized. If there are any moms of three or more out there that have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

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