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Week 7
~ Lesson learned…slow down!!!

It's Saturday and I'm seven weeks today! We're not going to be doing much because the kids and I are sick with a cold. Morning sickness and a cold don't mix too well. I've been running back and forth to the bathroom all day long but I'm not getting sick. The kids and I were up and down all night long.

It's Sunday and I just woke up. It's 7:15 am I just was able to get to sleep a couple of hours before but I heard Paul stumbling around the bedroom. He was trying to be quiet but it seems like when he's trying to be really quiet, he's not! Sleeping is really weird for me right now. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can't go back to sleep. UGH! The kids will be up in a while and I'm going to be praying for naptime again. I feel bad because the kids are going to be disappointed that we aren't going to church but we can't go with all of us sick. It's a shame that we're sick because today is Community Day with the City and Paul is going to be there in uniform with a police car. The kids always get a kick out of going and getting into the car. Paul just cleaned up the car and took the kids out to check it out. He laughed because I walked out with a can of Lysol so that he could spray the car so that the kids didn't leave any germs. He always laughs at how I try to keep things clean especially over cold and flu season.

It's Monday and we're starting to feel better. I'm trying to clean up the house a bit because it's been a few days since I've cleaned. Now if I can just get rid of this morning sickness. It's taking a lot out of me running around after the kids and then running to the bathroom. The problem is that I'm not getting sick. It's so horrible some days that I silently wish that I would get sick. That's scary though because I remember what bad morning sickness can be like. It's the afternoon and I'm wiped out. Time to try and get the kids down for a nap so I can get some sleep. Okay, kids are down, I was able to sleep but I'm still not feeling well. I guess not sleeping for the past few nights has caught up to me. It'll take a few days to get back to normal.

We're up early today for preschool but nothing going right and we're behind. I'm rushing around trying to get things done, lunches packed, etc. Everyone is dressed with the exception of me. Shane just came upstairs and is asking about washing his hands and brushing his teeth. I told him that we could do that downstairs. He raised up his arms, I picked him up and we started down the steps. Right after the first few steps I lost my footing! Shane leaned forward and I felt this sensation that we were falling forward. I quickly pulled Shane into my chest and thrust myself backwards. My back and butt hit the steps hard and we went flying down the steps. I was trying to slow us down with my feet but I couldn't. Shane was throwing himself back and forth. He hit the wall and then his right leg got caught in the banister/railing. I heard a snap! Shane was screaming! Paul came running over and tried to pick me up. I told him to not worry about me and to take Shane and check him. I don't know why but I kept telling him to check his head. Paul took Shane out into the kitchen, held him and started checking him over. I was right behind him. Shane was screaming and sobbing and we couldn't find anything wrong with him. Paul set him down to stand and that's when he lifted his right leg and grabbed onto Paul's legs screaming. I bent down and said "Shane walk to Mommy". He tried but as soon as he put pressure on his leg he started to scream. Paul kept asking to sit down and make sure that the baby and I were fine. My adrenaline was flying high and all I could think of at that second was helping Shane. I scooped him up in my arms and carried him to the rocking recliner. Shane calmed down, I called the Pediatrician's office and immediately spoke with a nurse. She told me what to look for and we decided that we would go into the Pediatrician's office first and then, if needed to the ER for x-rays. Right after talking hanging up the phone, I looked up and there was Morgan crying. I didn't even look to see where she was, how she was after we fell. She came over and climbed up on my lap and we talked. Morgan was concerned about Shane, the baby and me. I kept telling everyone that the baby and I were fine but, honestly, I was scared to death. If I start to think too much, I'm going to lose it. After a bit, Morgan calmed down and I asked if she still wanted to go to preschool and she said "yes". She was still really excited because today was picture day at school and she had picked out her outfit special for the day. Paul drove Morgan to preschool and I would head straight for the Pediatrician's office for our 9:15 am appointment (he would follow after dropping Morgan off at school). On the way, I called my RE's office and spoke with the nurse. She said as long as I wasn't bleeding, dizzy or cramping to just keep my regular appointment at 2:30 pm that afternoon. Okay, breathe, I don't have any of the signs she mentioned, the baby is well padded in there, and I didn't hit my belly. The baby should be fine. Isn't it funny when you know that everything is probably okay when you look at the facts but your mind wonders and you just can't help but be scared and/or nervous? That's where I was in my feelings.

Dr. Reilly checked Shane over from head to toe and he was fine with the exception of his leg. She sent us over to the hospital for x-rays and said she would talk to us as soon as she received the results. Paul took Shane into the x-ray room as he was screaming for me. It was such an awful feeling because I've always been there for him, with him when something was wrong. I was in tears and my stomach was in knots as I heard him screaming, "That hurts..." "OUCH" "I want my Mommy..." It was horrible because everyone could hear him screaming down the hall and kept asking who was in there. It also was bad because my mind started to think about the baby. I pushed my thoughts away and just listened to the x-ray technician to see how far along they were with the x-rays. As soon as Shane was out of the room, he was in my arms crying. The x-rays were clear. No breaks. We immediately talked with Dr. Reilly and she said to take him home, let him have a quiet day and, if he still was in pain to call back on Friday. If things became worse to call immediately. I asked if he could go to the RE's with us in the afternoon. She said yes.

We picked Morgan up from preschool and headed to my RE's office. They took us pretty much immediately. They did blood work and then we all went in for the ultrasound. Dr. M came in and looked at the ultrasound. He said that the baby was measuring right on track at seven weeks. June, the nurse, flipped on this button and all of a sudden you could hear the heartbeat. I took a deep breath and realized our little bean was fine. His/her heartbeat was strong... 158 bpm. Dr. M talked about the fall, checked me out, etc. He said that I was going to be really sore tomorrow morning and I needed to go home and lie down and take it easy through Friday. I was allowed to take Tylenol and he suggested that I soak in the tub for a bit (as long as it wasn't too hot). If I had any questions, he wanted me to call him at any time. I had to laugh at Dr. M because he asked if I learned anything from my fall and I said "Yes, slow down." He smiled and said, "You got it." Have I ever mentioned what a wonderful doctor/person he is? Dr. M and his staff truly care about their patients and it shows. After talking with Dr. M and June, the fear of something being wrong with the baby melted away. June said that I would get the results on my blood work the next day.

Wednesday wasn't a fun day. Shane wouldn't try to walk, play, he just laid in my arms like a rag doll only asking for a drink every so often and/or to yell out in pain. It wasn't fun also because I kept feeling sick and having to run to the bathroom. I had no choice but to set Shane down and run to the Powder Room on the first floor. He would start screaming and I would hear Morgan talking to him, trying to calm him down. She is such a sweet, caring little girl. He would calm down until he saw me and then the screaming would start again. I kept thinking to myself, how in the world would I do this with one more child? What am I getting myself into? I called Dr. R back and we talked. Shane wasn't improving; he was getting worse so she scheduled an appointment for Thursday with an Orthopedic Doctor.

The RE's office called and said that my blood work looked great and that Dr. M was releasing me to my OB. I asked them to transfer any necessary records over and I thanked June for everything. I promptly called my OB's office, discussed what I needed from my RE's office, etc. I have an appointment with my OB's office next Thursday. I'm so excited to be released from my RE but it's bittersweet because I'm going to miss all of them. They were such a part of our lives for a while and not to see them at least once a week is going to be really weird.

Today is Thursday and I woke up with morning sickness and feeling REALLY sore. I took my time and got the kids ready. Paul drove Morgan to preschool again and I drove Shane to his orthopedic appointment. Paul met up with us just in time. I had tons of forms to fill out and Shane wasn't going for it. Paul took Shane and walked around as I filled out the forms. I finished the last line and they called Shane's name. We met with Dr. G and he was absolutely wonderful. Shane didn't jump and/or make too many faces during the examination but Dr. G said that something was wrong because of how Shane was acting since Tuesday. He didn't want to put Shane through another battery of x-rays because if there was a hairline fracture and didn't show up on Tuesday, it more than likely wouldn't show up for another couple of days when it started to heal. We discussed all of the options and decided to cast his leg for two weeks. We'll go back in two weeks, they will take off the cast, x-ray Shane's foot and leg and we'll go from there. We were really happy with how we were treated, that Dr. G and staff listened to our concerns. Shane wasn't too talkative so I chose the color for his cast... orange (his favorite color). Shane was so excited after he saw his cast and that it didn't hurt when they put it on. I was really excited because the cast is made of fiberglass and you can bathe with the cast, go swimming, etc. Really cool! I couldn't believe the difference in Shane's attitude. He was alert, eating; he was crawling around the floor and playing. He was a completely different little boy from just this morning.

It's Friday and Paul left for work around 6:00 am Shane was up and down all night and I was hoping that by some miracle, both kids would sleep until around 8:30 a. m. No such luck, Morgan woke up at 7:15 a. m. and starting banging around in her room which woke up our dog, Bo, who barked and woke up Shane. The house is up. We came downstairs and I realized that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. It's so weird the little things that I keep forgetting to do. Not much planned for today, just cleaning, working on letters with the kids and possibly running out for groceries. We'll have to see how Shane is doing with his leg before doing that. We ended up running out and doing tons of errands and I felt really rejuvenated. The kids really needed to get out of the house and we had a really good time. By the time we were done and home I was getting really tired. I hope that I didn't overdo it. I'm pretty stiff again... OUCH! Okay, we're going to order out tonight. Maybe Paul can bring home some Taco Bell. Sounds yummy! I called and he was going to be home on time and was able to swing by Taco Bell. Hello Beef Meximelt! I could live on those things right now. Time to slow down, relax and get to bed early. The more I'm moving around, the more stiff I feel.

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