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Susan's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Susan's Pregnancy Journal.

Susan (29) and Ethan have been together five years, married for the last year. They decided to take the plunge early in their marriage and were very excited to be welcoming their first baby around January 8, 2008. Susan developed pre-eclampsia had to be induced early. Their daughter, Haley Brooke, was born December 18, big and healthy!

Join Susan as she shares her first pregnancy with us week by week.


Susan's Journal Entries

Meet Susan

Week 15
Round Ligament Pain

Week 16
Oh the Agony . . . Gas!

Week 17 ~ or is it 18?
A little Uneventful

Weeks 19 & 20
It's a . . .

Week 21
Baby Gifts!

Week 22
More Round Ligament?

Week 23
Summer Colds . . . No FUN

Week 24
Doctor's Appointment

Week 25 & 26
Family, Vacation, and Stretch Marks

Week 27
Glucose Tolerance

Week 28

Week 33
Computer Issues Solved . . . Long overdue update

Week 34
Counting the Days

Week 35
Preterm Labor

Week 36

Birth Story
My Long-Overdue Story!

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