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Susan's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Susan

SusanHi, my name is Susan, and my husband Ethan and I have been married since April of 2006. We dated for nearly four years before we married, and decided that we wanted to start a family not long after we were married. We waited until the end of March, and gave it a go. Needless to say, we were among the fortunate ones and got pregnant right away! We are expecting our first little bundle of joy on January 8, 2008. Living so close to Memphis, we are frequently reminded that our baby is due on Elvis' birthday. Regardless, we are very excited, and I am excited to be sharing our journey with you.

I work in a professional setting, and my husband is a firefighter. We will both continue to work after the baby is born, and have found a lady who keeps children in her home to take care of our baby once I return to work. We aren't going to find out what we are having, can't wait for that ULTIMATE surprise! I hope I haven't left anything out, if I did, feel free to ask!

~ Susan

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